Result #11: After an entire year I've officially failed at becoming more Klout influential than Emo Philips.

#11 Become more influential than Emo Philips again.

Date: 1-11-2014

Due Date: 1-11-2015

Resolution: According to I was once more influential than Emo Phillips. My ranking has since dropped and he has once again taken the lead. Within a year from today my goal is to regain my lead and once again be more influential than Emo Phillips.

How you can help: Like, Share,  Favorite, and Retweet post that you enjoy on my Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages.

Update #1:

Date: 1-17-2014

It turns out I have no idea how Klout works. I don't think I've ever had more interaction with people on the Facebook and the Twitter in the past month and yet my score has dropped to 54.

I'm not giving up though.

I do have a year to figure this out.

Update #2:

Date: 1-17-2014

I don't know if I accidentally entered a contest or what, but this happened. I think he's congratulating my for the squid picture but I'm wondering if people think I'm getting credited for helping out on the image in the tweet. Either way watch out Emo Philips people on twitter seem to really like this!

Update #3:

Date: 1-21-2014

Watch out Emo!!!



Update #4:

Date: 1-23-2014

I'm so happy to see that he's aware of this project and approving enough to help out on the cause.

Thanks for the favoriting me :)

Update #5: The Conclusion:

Date: 1-11-2015

Well this brings the dullest, unpromoted/unprovoked, one sided popularity contest to an end.

And the winner is...

Emo Philips!

Well played sir...

Well played!

I still don't really know what Klout is.