Result #18: I successfully created a belated Alien Vs Predator / Dumb and Dumber themed Armenian Christmas gift.

#18 Create my belated Armenian Christmas Secret Santa gift.

Date: 1-18-2014

Due Date: 1-18-2015

Resolution: I have a real tight group of friends, and every year we celebrate two holidays.

  1. Thanksmas:
    • Being that there are a lot of us that spend Thanksgiving and Christmas either out of town or with our families we have a day where we celebrate with just the friends. This normally takes place between Thanksgiving and Christmas and is when we get our Secret Santa victim assigned to us for the gift exchange that takes place during out second celebrated holiday.
  2. Armenian Christmas:
    • This holiday takes place after Christmas and it's when we do out gift exchange. One year January 6th just happened to be the first day everyone was available after the December 25th Christmas. Someone either already knew this or did the research to discover that January 6th happened to be Armenian Christmas. We decided to make that our theme ever since.

This year I got one of my best friends, Adam. He's both hard and easy to shop for. He seems pretty happy with whatever you get him so it's to find that item that he might find special. I'm not saying this is a bad thing but you could give him a bottle of booze, a novelty shirt, or a brand new car and no matter what he'll show the same level of appreciation (alright he'd be blow away if you gave him a car, but again if he get something he can at least use once then he seems pretty happy about it.)

This year I'm completely broke for Armenian Christmas. I have enough to get him something lame to just get it over with but I figured since I'm doing this experiment why not make it fun.

So, here's what I'm going to do.

We always joke about a shot for shot remake of Dumb and Dumber replacing Lloyd and Harry with Alien and Predator.

I don't have it figure out quite yet but by next Armenian Christmas I will create a sculpture, a painting an animation, something brings these worlds together and present that as a gift.

Hopefully this isn't considered just an excuse for why I don't have a gift tonight, but now that it's part of this project you can look at it as a gift that keep on giving.

Merry Armenian Christmas!!!

How you can help: Forward on any Dumb and Dumber, Alien and Predator mash-up art that you have or know of for inspiration.

Credit: Adam LaZerte

Update #1: The multimedia portion of my late Armenian Christmas gift.

Date: 6-22-2014

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I am more than a couple months late with this but I'm a man of my word.

This weekend I completed making the physical portion of my Alien, Predator, Dumb and Dumber gift that I promised to my friend Adam during our secret Santa exchange.

In order to avoid spoilers I'm going to hold off sharing photos until the gift is actually in his possession.

Until then, as I was working on the gift I was struck by inspiration and created the above video to draw more attention to this awesome mash-up of our favorite characters.

Update #2: The Conclusion.

Date: 1-18-2015

I actually completed the physical gift for this task close to the same time I created the above digital gift but due to the fact that I'm a shut in these days I didn't get around to presenting the gift until about a month ago.

Here's what I did.

First I took these:

And these:

And created these:


That do this:

Adam was pretty happy to get these even though they were almost a year late but I still managed to beat my deadline so I consider the resolution a great success!

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