Result #23: Well this is a boring success.

#23 Organize all the files that I store digitally.

Date: 1-23-2014

Due Date: 1-23-2015

Resolution: Though this may sound like another of the mundane task, it's probably one of the more important ones especially as the resolutions beginning to pile up.

I'm one of those people that works well in chaos. I usually create systems for organization, then create subsystems for how I will deal with my disorganized way until I have the time to commit to the main systems.

These subsystems usually become the main system after I return to the sub-subsystem of saving everything to the desktop. The subsystem being one file where I put everything to later sort out into the nicely organize folder structure of the main system when I feel like it.

Does that make sense?

As I said I work well in chaos to it all makes perfect sense to me. By the way, that's not my desktop in the image above. I at least hide my mess. I mainly deal with text, movies and music. and keep any files for current projects readily available on the desktop, roughly sort the finished projects and the rest in my "to organize" folder.

I have a good memory as to where I store things and since (up until I started this blog) I mainly used computers to write screenplays. There's no real need to create folders within folders when you're dealing with a stand alone document, so all this randomness worked for me at the time.

Now that I have this plan to pretty much start 365 project I'm going to need to work on my computer organization skills. I've actaully been organizing files bits at a time as a way to take breaks while transitioning from one project to next instead of my old transition technic of playing my favorite dart monkey game to switch gears and take a break. In fact I've found that I rarely play games at all, choosing instead to work on one of the more mundane resolutions

This will be one of my new time killers, and believe it or not, since I'm making it part of a resolution it now seems fun and not like a chore.

Speaking of chores, here's the deal:

Right now I have two computers and several hard drives from computers past. One year from now I'll have all this information sorted out. Unlike my resolutions to clean my apartment and update this website where my goal was to get everything into working order as a one time deal, this resolution will go all the way up to 1-23-2015.

By that time all my resolutions will be made and I'll have folders with subfolder for sub-subfolders for each resolutions. I will actually use folders with systems for photos, videos music, documents, etc. I'll be deleting all the useless files from everything that I own. Any external storage device will have an actual purpose and not just be additional dumping grounds. Most importantly I'll be using these systems and not just creating them.

This goes for my email as well.

I'm going to be in front of this computer a lot so I may as well make it pleasant.

To organization!!!

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Try as I might I can not think of an exciting way to announce that my computer is now organized. The photos have a place, the videos have a place, there are various logical places to store my writings and I've added customized photo's to all my regularly used files.

Being that this is about organization it's going to be an on going thing but I feel I'm successfully off to a good start.