Result #30: Failed to fulfill the fantasy.

#30 Figure out how to become my own boss.

Date:  1-30-2014

Due date: 1-30-2015

Resolution: I need to be my own boss so I can do projects like this for the rest of my life.

Back story: As a freelance filmmaker I've already managed to escape the 9 to 5 life. I now love the people that I work with and can't wait to do my job. Some may even say, "I'm living the dream."

Those who say this have no idea the nightmare that comes along with the dream of doing what you love. At least with me, I line in constant fear of waking up. I have no control over when or even if I get to work. It's because I love my job I live in constant fear that every gig will be my last.

One week off between gigs reminds you why you love the freedom from a set schedule. Two weeks off is still fine but then you start to think more and more about how you're going to pay the rent. Once you hit the one month mark you begin to think you will never work again.

I'm real bad at pushing the limit because I actually take advantage of that down time to work on my own projects. Even before I started this 365 Days of Resolution thing I'm always working on some project of my own.

Every year during the down time from filming that runs from Thanksgiving to late February I feel as if I'm playing Russian roulette as I anxiously await that first call of the year that welcomes me back to the industry.

I think it's time to change it up. That is in no way saying that I a quitting my Grip and Electric career. It's just time for me to find a secondary job to supplement my income as I try to figure out a way to not HAVE to depend on others for a salary to survive.

Back to the resolution: Okay now let me explain what I mean by becoming my own boss. I'm not talking about creating and running a Fortune 500 company or anything that grandiose. In fact unlike my writing projects this goal to become my own boss isn't really all that ambitious. I just want to figure out how to create my own work that will bring in at least $12,000 a year.

My rent is $615 a month and that includes all the utilities, other than that my only other bill to my internet provider and that's only $40. If I were to make $1000 dollars a month, after rent and bill (intentionally singular) that leave me $345 a month to play with. I could live like that until I either finally figure out how to make it as a writer, or die trying to hone my craft.

Now I just need to figure out how to do it.

How can you help: Please contact me if you have any leads to a part time job to help me stabilize my financial situation until I figure this out.

I am also open to suggestions as to how I can monetize TheWickerBreaker to actually fulfill this resolution.

Though this project is fun it's a lot of work that takes a lot of time. That's not to say that I feel that I'm owed anything, completing a resolution is payment enough. I do however need an income to live, and this is why my goal is to make the bare minimum to get by while also allowing me time to complete 365 Days of Resolution.

Thanks in advance for any input.

Update #1: I made my first dollar via TheWickerBreaker!!!

There was a few more that came along with it, but on Saturday Feb 1rst I woke up to an email from PayPal informing me that I received my first donation to I then woke up this morning to a new email informing me that I have received my second donation!!!

Thanks Uncle Kelly and Angel Garcia!!!

This really means a lot to me :)

Update #2: The Conclusion.

I am unemployed again, that's kind of like being your own boss, just out of work...


Oh well, I'm not giving up.