Result #31: This year I successfully remained a top writer on what turned out to be a website meant for ESL students.

#31 I resolve to be on the leaderboard for an entire year.

Date: 1-31-2014

Due Date: 1-31-2015

Resolution: See photo.

How you can help: Click here to play along and make me work for my top position.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Last year, when I discovered Daily Themes, I was just looking for a writing site with a daily writers prompt. One of the reasons why I chose this site over other writing prompt sites it that Daily Theme's mission statement seemed to lean more toward stream of consciousness.

It turns out that when the website encouraged no second guessing yourself, it was because they were encouraging English as a Second Language students to share without fear then learn from the feedback and not necessarily for native English speakers to ramble on about nothing.

At least that's how I felt after discovering it was an ESL site.

But, I made the resolution and stuck to a post a day and remained one of the top ten writers for an entire year. The ranking is volume based and not content based so I don't feel all that guilty of steal a spot on a list that I may be over qualified for.

Then again I was usually pretty out of it when I wrote most of these stories, insights and whatnots. Sometime I was so wasted that English was my second language at the time.

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