Result #5: Another Boring Success to a Somewhat Mundane Early Resolution.

#5 Revamp TheWickerBreaker to incorporate these resolutions.

Date: 1-5-2014

Due Date: 1-24-2014

Resolution: When I get back to Seattle turn this daily resolution concept into a feature on so that I will have even more pressure to follow through on these idle promises.


Date 1-16-2014

Converted all of my Facebook resolutions into blog posts.

Date: 1-17-2014

Wrapping up the finishing touches of the layout of the page and how I am going to share my progress. I'm getting rid of all the "Click here for updates links to those resolutions that have no updates, and properly linking those that do have updates.

The Conclusion:

Date: 1-5-2015




I'm currently working on revamping the blog to Showcase the 365 Days of Success, Failure and Redemption segment of this challenge to be the main focus but that was not part of the resolution.

That said Resolution #5 is a Success!!!