Result #7: Remember when I successfully ate that bucket of Survivalist Food!

#7 Eat from a bucket for one month.

Date: 1-7-14

Due Date: 1-7-15

Resolution: This is actually one of the first challenges I thought up to keep myself busy following the conclusion of my Southland Tales reviews. On it's own it's a fun/funny experiment and a cheap way to live for a month but It's only a months worth of material which fit in perfectly amongst these various other challenges.

I'm going to buy this bucket of disaster preparedness meals and live off of it until it's all gone. It may be a month it may be a week depending on how much I like what I'm eating. This is not a diet in that I will only eat the recommended amount per meal. If I'm hungry I'm going to eat to see just how efficient this bucket of food really is.

Loophole: If for whatever reason I have to leave town for work during this challenge where I am not allowed to take the bucket with me, rather than turn down the job I will take a break and pick up where I left off when I return.

Addendum: As an additional loophole since these are not individually packed meals this will be my food supply when I am home. I will not plan to go anywhere for the soul purpose of eating some other than bucket food, but if I am out I will not not eat non-bucket food.

I figure if this was an emergency situation and I was offered a meal by someone else I would not turn them down. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll be home a lot I mainly want this clause for any birthday celebration that may go down.

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Update #1: The Arrival!!!

Date: 2-2-2014

Yesterday I came home to check my mail and I found this...


I was very excited about it's arrival. Those of you who know me know that I'm always down for a good food challenge, and I couldn't wait to start this one (I once ate nothing but eggs for three months.)

If you're following my progress on other challenges you may already know that I was dog/house sitting this weekend while my friends were out of town for the annual ski trip that I always avoid for my own quirky reasons.

I wanted to wait until I was home to start the challenge so that I wouldn't have to haul this 40 pound bucket-o-food around.

So I had to wait...

Today I came home and there it was... still sealed... waiting for it's grand opening... but first.. more publicity shots.