Result #8: I may not be the best spokesperson but 200 days of safe drinking water is a success, right?

#8 Let the internet determine my Cos for one year.

Yup even he's disappointed by that bad joke.

Yup even he's disappointed by that bad joke.

Note: The donate button at the bottom of the page is if you want to support this website. Please do not confuse it for a link to donate to this clean water cause.

Date: 1-8-2014

Start Date: 2-1-2014

Due Date: 2-1-2015

Back Story: Before I went to bed I asked this question of my friends on the Facebook.


In this scenario you have a bank account that will be replenished to 1 million dollars every day. Your life is set you will never have to worry about anything as far as finance goes.

You are also given one million dollars to give to someone, some cause, some invention, some business... some anything that other than your selecting of this thing you will have no control over what the money will go to.

This money is not taken from your reboot so you greedy bastards out there can't complain, and you are not allowed to give this to friends or family because you should be helping them out with your daily reboots, you heartless bastards.

What do you give this money to?

Just bored and wondering.

Resolution: Based on this question I would like to let the internet decide my cause for an entire year based on the suggestion that is the most popular.

Granted I don't have a million dollars and I definitely don't have the power to create this magical bank account but I do have the power to look into an cause that I would otherwise turn a blind eye towards and share my findings to maybe turn others onto the cause.

What I know I will do: Share links to help promote the cause. Use this forum to direct people who are interested to donate to the cause. Research the cause and write an article based on my findings. It may not be much but it's something.

Here are some of the causes that have already been suggested:

  • A charity that made sure people around the world have fresh water.
  • Next, I would give to a charity that gave a cow to a family in need.
  • Planned parenthood
  • I like the water supply but maybe go with goats for all.
  • Pay for groceries for a year for parents who have kids who are well behaved in public.
  • Go to libraries and schools and pay random fines.
  • A "full ride" scholarship fund to get kids from impoverished families into college...
  • An independent filmmaker so that he or she can make their dreams come true!

There were a couple more jokes and a few people with good intentions but didn't follow the rules so I am starting with this batch for you to choose from but can definitely us more suggestions.

How you can help: Add more suggestions down in the comment section and click like for the suggestions you would vote for. Starting February 1rst I will figure out a way to calculate the cause with the most votes over the various forms of social media and will make that my cause for the year.

Credit: Marco Scaringi for making the suggestion.

Update #1: The Announcement.

Date: 2-1-2014

Resolution #8 is to let the internet determine my cause for the year. I figured I would let the voting process play out for a while before announcing their decision. I set the actual start date to be today, when I'd announce my cause.

Well the internet has spoken, granted it was more of a whisper, but they made the choice none the less. This year my cause will be, "A charity that made sure people around the world have fresh water," suggested by Marco Scaringi.

I figure this is a fitting cause especially with Resolution #15 a resolution for me to drink more water. Water that is readily available here in Seattle. It's rather pathetic that I have to resolve to take advantage of this resource while there are others out there that are dying for it. 

I look forward to learning how I can help and passing that information on to those of you who are interested in my findings.

How you can help: Look into the cause as well and share what you discover.

Update #2: The Conclusion:

Date: 1-8-2015

I think when I set this resolution I was going through one of my delusional fantasies where I thought this blog would take off at any time allowing me the resources to actually make a significant contribution toward the clean water cause.

I follow a few clean water organizations on twitter and have read a few articles and have a few ideas but for the most part I'm just a dreamer when it comes to getting involved with changing the world.

Luckily I've been earning points when I sign in to to sign my daily petitions as part of Resolution #58. I'm not fully sure how it works but every time I sign in I get bonus butterfly points to trade in for charitable causes.

Today I turned in 40,000 butterflies in exchange for 200 days of safe drinking water for a child. This may not be as grandiose of a contribution that I had in mind but it's enough that I consider this a success!