Result #311: It looks like my career as a vegan taxidermist will be put on hold.

#311: Learn the art of teddy bear taxidermy.

Date: 11-7-2014

Due Date: 11-7-2015

The Resolution: I've always been a fan of novelty taxidermy. There have been times in my life where I’ve wanted to give it a shot. The only problem is I don't think I have it in me to the gutting and skinning of a once living animal.

But I've got all these taxidermy ideas that I have to get out.

Therefore, I'm going to learn true taxidermy techniques, from building a mold, to tracking down realistic eyes, and teeth and properly mounting the skin and accessories to the mold.

Who knows? This may be my new thing.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 11-7-2015

Yet another disappointing/boring failure do to the fact that I'm poor. :(

I wish all it took was a stuffed animal to complete this task because I know I could pull that off. No, I need to buy training materials, sculpting supplies and sculpting equipment to properly pull this off.

I'm kind of fine with this failure now that this is resolution thing has evolved to be an ongoing bucket list challenge. There are skills that I wanted to learn through earlier failures that I feel will benefit this project, so I want to complete though challenges first. I'm also happy that I'll eventually have the time and ability to focus on learning taxidermy to do it right and not just rush to get a complete.

As always, I will let you know if/when I get to this.