Result #351: Damn it, I successfully took a dog psychology class but needed to take a dog psychic course.

#351: Hey!!! I think I'm an Idiot!!! I'm going to follow this Guide to become a Complete Pet Psychic.

Date: 12-17-2014

Due Date: 12-17-2015

The Resolution: This resolution is a bit uninspired... I don't even have a pet :(

A couple months ago a customer started talking to me as I pointed out where the Airborne is. She said something about training to be pet psychic.

I remember at the time thinking, this sounds like something dumb enough to be one of my resolutions.

I was so inspired that it took me over two months to get around to it.


I am moving home…

My mom has a dog…

And I will have some free time while job hunting.

This might end up being pretty interesting after all!

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 12-17-2015

It's interesting to see that when I set this resolution I didn't have a pet at the time. Now I have a dog and it's been nice to have something to take care of. She's a nice old dog that's pretty lazy in her old age so it didn't take much for her to take on the personality of her owner.

I signed up for this Dog Psychology class thinking that it was fulfilling this resolution. It wasn't until this afternoon when I sat down, excited to finally report another success, that I found I had actually failed and was supposed to learn how to be a dog psychic using a complete idiot's guide and not a website.

Oh well, I will get to this someday and actually having a dog should help out a bunch.

As always, I'll keep you posted on my progress.