Result #355: I successfully procured a fancy desk clamp magnifying glass but have failed to start my tiny art.

#355: Invest in a fancy magnifying glass and attempt to make tiny art.

Date: 12-21-2014

Due Date: 12-21-2015

The Resolution: I heard something interested years ago when tiny motorcycles seemed to the new thing. Someone told me that professional racers like to train on these novelty sized bikes because learning to properly control something so small made riding full scale motorcycles seem like a cake walk.

As I continue to learn various forms of art, I'm interested in putting this same concept to the test. Not only do I feel this will help me with larger pieces where there's a much bigger margin of error but I also feel this would allow me to really get in there for some fine-tuned finishing touches.

That's the theory at least.

We'll see how it works. 

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 12-21-2015


This resolution was going to be an out and out fail up until last week when I helped my dad sort through my late uncles storage. Where I'm just tinkering around trying to find an art form, other than writing, that appeals to me, he was an actual artist that devoted his life to carving, sculpting and painting. 

He's probably the person to credit or blame for my interest in art.

While sorting through his belongings I acquired a lot of art supplies that will be coming in very handy, very soon. One of my finding was his desk clamp magnifying lamp that he used to carve fine details in his work. I have yet to set it up but I plan to focus on art over writing next year so it will get used.

I still need to work on my standard size art work before moving on to the minis but when I do, I will keep you posted.