Result #360: Oh, I was supposed to set up an advice column... Here I was just waiting for the questions to roll in, which leads me to my latest fail.

#360: Add a Batt Munker.... Phunken Drilosopher... Add-Vice column to

Date: 12-26-2014

Due Date: 12-26-2015

The Resolution: I got pretty frustrated with my last round of visits to the shrink. She disagreed with the multiple diagnoses from past Psychiatrist. Every time I would try to explain why I thought I had this disorder or that, she would shut me down saying that's not how this or that disorder works.

Then one day I said it feels like I have multiple personality disorder to which her eye lit up in a very micro-expressing way. I instantly started to defend myself explaining that it's not like I have a different name for each personality, like there's no Timmy or Jane or Old Man Jones in me. It just feels my personality shifts rather extremely depending on the situation.

Then I left the building with split personality on my mind. I quickly realized there may be no Timmy or Jane or Old Man Jones, but there is a Matt, Matthew, Matt Bunker, Matthew Bunker, and Bunker.

Sure anyone can do this by just pointing out alternate versions of their legal name but I've always thought I have a distinct personality depending on which me is needed at any time.

What does this have to do with an advice column?

The other night when Drunk Bunker was in control I decided I needed a better identity to avoid ruining Bunker's life.

I then created Batt Munker... Phunken Drilosopher and put out a call for questions.

I got a few and it turned out to be pretty fun providing drunken answers and I want to do this more.

So here we are today.

Feel free to Facebook, Twitter, or send an email to and as soon as Batt Munker arrives he will answer whatever you want.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 12-26-2015

Throughout this entire experiment I've been torn about how interactive I want this site to be. I've made several attempts to make, "call to action," resolutions and have failed miserably each time. I don't blame anyone but myself though. 

The problem is, I feel more comfortable sharing my experiences and moving on. I am not comfortable with any form of self promotion. I don't like bothering people to get involved. It's hard enough getting anyone to read my stuff, let alone write back.

Hell, part of me fears the day anyone of these experiments catch on. Any form of success might lead me to become aware of anyone actually following my work, even if it's an audience of one. As it is, I can write whatever I want and no one will ever be the wiser.

I do hope that this outlook changes sometime in the near future but I also have to remind myself that I'm still using this 365 Days of Resolution experiment as a learning device to get myself to write a couple post and share them every single day. 

When my outlook does change I will work on being more interactive and will definitely revisit this failure to have the means to interact through.

As always, I'll keep you posted when that finally happens.