Result #46: I think I developed an actual habbit with this one.

#46 Clean my apartment at least once a week.

Date: 2-15-2014

Due Date: 2-15-2015

Resolution: Back in Resolution #9 I resolved to rearrange and clean my apartment. I succeeded within the week or however long I gave myself. Since then I've tidied up a few times, but I have a tendency to get too focused on my work and only clean up when I know I'm going to have company, which isn't often.

I prefer living in a clean place it's just not a priority, so for the next year I'm going to make it a priority, well at least once a week.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 2-18-2015

I'm pretty proud of the level of success I've had with this resolution. I'll admit that I'm a bit of a slob. I have a tendency to get so focused on my interests that I let the maintenance of my life get a little out of control. 

By out of control I mainly mean laundry on the floor, dishes and recycling on my desk and garbage that needs to be taken out. It never took me all that long to tidy up, it was just never that much of a priority.

I've found that when I live in smaller places that I'm better at keeping the place tidy. I find that extra space just gives me more places to hide the mess. So, when I moved from my two bedroom space into a one bedroom space that I treated like a studio apartment I was much better at keeping on top of my mess.

I found that even though I'm fine working amongst clutter it's much more pleasant working in a clean space. I'm sure a better resolution would be to tidy up daily to enjoy the peace of mind but even though I found the cleanliness pleasant I didn't find it urgent.

So I set Sunday aside as my cleaning day and every Sunday without fail I did clean my place to where it was company ready. Even though I rarely had company, it was nice to start the week with a clean space to live

As soon as I get my new place set up I plan to keep up the weekly tradition, that is if I don't become a daily toucher upper (which I doubt.)