Result #49: Sad to announce another failure... Happy to announce I'm going to get back on this project pretty soon.

#49 Write a biweekly series of short stories based on Apartment Infinity.

Date: 2-18-2014

Due date: 2-18-2014

Resolution: A few years ago I wrote a series of short scripts called Apartment Infinity. This series is based on my short film The Infinite Flu. At the time it was meant to be a web series. A couple people expressed interest in shooting this series, only I can barely afford to produce a short film once a year, let alone an entire series.

Since I started this blog I've started to rethink my goals as a writer. Up until a few months ago I thought of myself as a screenwriter only. Now I'm beginning to see the freedom of write with the written word being the end goal.

I'm not really good at being the one to rally the troops. I love to write and I write a lot. For the past 16 years I've been writing with the hopes that someone will find my work interesting enough to take it off my hands and run with it. I'd be down to help out of course, but I need someone else to steer the ship while I battle with my insecurities.

I'm now seeing the flaws in this strategy. The main problem is that I don't feel comfortable reaching out to others, so I rarely get my work into the hands of anyone who can take the reins. This leads me to feel my work is flawed without any input. The other problem is, with film you NEED others to turn your writing into the end product, there's no other way.

My new strategy is to get my work out there in its written form. Using this blog as an outlet I no longer have to count on others for the end product. My main goal will continue to be to get my work on the screen, but I'm just going to use a different strategy to get there.

Starting Friday, February 28th I will post an adaptation of my pilot episode of Apartment Infinity and then post a new chapter every other Friday for the rest of the year. By the end of this process I should have enough content to create a novel and then begin to experiment with self-publishing.

I look forward to sharing my stories with you!!!

Update #1: Installment #1: An Awkward Introduction.

Date: 2-28-2014

Though I didn't plan today to be the date of the first installment of Apartment Infinite because of the proximity to my birthday, but since it happened I'm going to capitalize on it by asking as a birthday present if you would please go to this link give it a read, and a review. It's only three pages and I promise you'll like it.

I just found out about and am not fully sure what to expect from it, but as part of my attempt to branch out and write for various mediums this will be my outlet to complete this resolution.

I'll post links and reminders but if you read installment one and like it, you'll be able to read a new installment every other Friday for the next year or until the story is complete, which ever is longer :)

I'm always looking for editors, illustrators, and graphic designers to help to make my work look more visual and professional looking. If you are interested drop me a line. It would be voluntary at this point, but who knows? If I make a dime and you help you will make a portion of that dime.

Thanks in advance for your participation/birthday gift :)

Update #2: Installments 2-14

Date: 2-21-2015

Click here to read the completed installments of Apartment Infinity.

Update #3: The Conclusion.

Date: 2-21-2015

This is another resolution that I am very bummed out that I failed. I got over half way through when all of the sudden I missed a day. I hit another one of those moments of doubt when it seemed that no one noticed or seemed to care (I was going through a hypersensitive phase at the time.)

I never meant to give up on the story but once more and more time passed the harder it was to get back into right mood to write this story. As I get more and more settled into my new home I can feel that my enthusiasm and productivity levels are on the rise.

I promise I will redeem this resolution and have 26 chapters of Apartment Infinity by the end of the year.