Result #51: Now that I'm back in good old sunny San Diego I'll have to give this failure another shot.

#51 I'm going to intentionally grow something edible in my apartment.

Date: 2-20-2014

Due Date: 2-20-2015

Resolution: I've been living in my apartment for close to if not over three years. The place has a nice bay window, granted it overlooks another crappy apartment but it's a bay window nonetheless.

I've been thinking for quite a while that since there's no reason to sit in this cubbyhole it would be a perfect place to grow a plant. It also might be nice to have something to take care of in this world and since my apartment doesn't allow pets of any kind I figure why not grow a plant and if I'm going to grow a plant why not grow one that I will reap the benefit if I do it right.

Unfortunately I can't start this resolution right away because I'm broke, but the moment I can afford to I'm going to start the process of creating something that will go from seed to plate and share my progress.

Update #1: The Germinator.

Date: 5-30-2014

Something has definitely changed in me over the years. I can think of two other times in the past when I was interested in gardening in any form.

The first time was when I worked at Macy's when I was 19 or so. The cologne CK1 just came out and they were giving way a tiny kit to plant some sort of flower or something. My friend who worked security and I had a contest to see who could grow a better plant. I don't think mine made it past the germination stage.

The second time was when I was 22 and landed my first job where I had an office. A friend gave me a plant as an office warming gift. That plant eventually was stolen by the receptionist because she felt I wasn't giving it the proper amount of attention.

And that's my history with agriculture.

Now I'm excited to see if I can create nature and keep it alive while getting to experience what goes in to making my own food, something I know I've taken for granted my entire life. I just wish I didn't have to wait so long to see if I'm going it right, but I guess that part of the process.

This is where I'm at right now.

These are the plants I'm going to start with (notice my Bonsai Tree is part of the initial crop):

And this is my germination station:

And tomorrow I sow.

Update #2: The Sowing of the Seeds.

Date: 5-31-2014

Well that ended up taking a lot longer than I thought it would.

Yesterday I bought these peat moss tablets that claim to be specifically for starting seeds. They ended up being too big for the germinator so I folded them in half thinking the netting that holds the tablets together would dissolve over the 24 hour soaking process.


They didn't dissolve yet the peat moss did expand making it impossible to pull the tablets out to remove the form fitted netting. It ended up being a two hour process, but now it's done.

Time to wait to see how I did.

Update #3: Let there be life!!!

Date: 6-3-2014

And the beets are the first to sprout!!!


Update #4: And the beets grow on!!!

Date: 6-7-2014

So far the beets seem to be the only seeds that have taken off.

They're even growing in areas where I didn't seed them. I swear I only planted beet seeds in the two rows where they are growing the strongest, yet as you can see in the photo below they've taken over the Bonsai rows as well.

I didn't do the best job at labeling the germinator so I don't know if this is the start to the wheat, barley or hops from my Beer Garden kit.

And if you look hard enough you can see the beginnings of some Red Bunching Onions!

Update #5: And the other plants finally decided to join in but nobody beats the beets.

Date: 6-14-2014

I didn't take a photo, but on the day following my last update it appeared that all my plants, I was oh so proud of, seemed to be on the verge of death. I feared that I was over watering them but the soil felt like it was always dry.

Then I figured out how this germinator actually works. It turns out you water the seed from beneath. The heating pad and plastic cover create a humid green house that the seed seem to thrive in.

I understood this concept going into the venture for some reason I though the bottom tray was just a drip tank for when you over watered and not a reserve.

The past couple days I've been properly using the germinator and the plants seem to love it.

I can't tell you how happy I am to have figured it out. I was close to throwing in the towel, unable to deal with the defeat I felt just hours after being so proud of accomplishing the creation of life.

I can't wait for the day to finally get to eat my creations!!!

Update #6: I need to figure out how to bring dem beets back.

Date: 6-23-2014

Good news: I bought a grow light.

Being that I live in Seattle where it's always overcast, in an apartment without much of a sun viewing window, I decided that these plants are going to need more light and so I made the purchase.

One of these days this window is going to be one giant planter. Until then it's looks like it going to be just the germinator and Doug the Truck Penguin living in this window. Due to poor planing and an unexpected bill I don't have the money to buy the planters or soil to create the permanent home for these  future foods.

Hopefully this poor planning didn't lead to the bad news:

The once strong beets are now gone beets :(

I'm still not fully sure what I'm doing, but I am growing to accept that this is a learning experience which I'll get better at with time and research.

Hopefully I can research how to save what I got.

Update #7: The Conclusion

Date: 2-23-2015

This sign says it all.

I tried planting many things last year and though I got a lot of plants to sprout, I never managed to get anything to live long enough to transfer into an actual planter.

Maybe that was my problem? I guess I should have transferred the sprouts sooner.

Oh well, I'm still trying to figure it out.

Now that I'm living in a city that sees sun, while also having access to a yard, I'll have a better chance at gardening this year.

As always, I'll keep you posted.