Result #52: Oops... I packed my book and duct tape a couple months ago, I'll have to get back at this once I get fully unpacked.

#52 I am going to become a Ductigami expert.

Date: 2-21-2014

Due Date: 2-21-2015

Resolution: I've owned this guide to Ductigami for several years now. I have yet to make a single attempt to even starting any of the 18 projects found in this book. This will be the year I will complete them all!

Project #1: Duct Tape Apron

Date: 3-17-2014

I finally got my hands on some duct tape to start my first Ductigami project. Yesterday was my good friend's birthday, so I figured I'd kill two birds and make this project as a gift. He loves to barbeque so I decided to make a duct tape apron.

Here's the finished product according to the book:

Unfortunately I didn't take photos to document my step by step progress, but here's what I managed to pull off:

As I took this photo I saw a third bird to kill and decided that this apron qualifies as an arts and rafts gift to satisfy resolution #14!

This was a fun project. It took around an hour and a little over one roll of duct tape to create. To make it you create a giant sheet of duct tape, cut the top to give it shape, and then take those top bits and turn them into pockets, then voila you have yourself an apron.

Project #2: The Duct Tape Bachelor's Toilet Paper Roll Cover.

Date: 4-21-2014

Today I made a  Duct Tape Bachelor's Toilet Paper Roll Cover.


Plus this:

Equals this:

Project #3: Pet Raingear

Date: 5-26-2014

And today I made some raingear for my friend's dog, Boomie.

Here's what it's supposed to look like:

Here's what it ended up looking like:

That is One Direction and Mac and Cheese duct tape this raingear is made of.

And with that I'm:

I'll post a picture of the dog in the jacket when I update resolution #14 and give this as one of my arts and crafts gifts.

Project #4: Cellular Phone Holder

Date: 5-30-2014

Another Ductigami project done!!!

The Sample:

The End Product:

Which equals:

Update #5: The Conclusion.

Date: 2-24-2015

You can chalk this delay up to one part procrastination and one part proactive planning.

Lot of projects fell through the cracks during the four month period between when I decided I had to move and now. My Ductigami resolution is one of the projects that suffered from my four month residency in limbo as I anticipated positive change.

I made the mistake of packing my Ductigami instructional book along with my extra roles of duct tape.

Well, I guess it wasn't a mistake. I saw that this resolution wasn't due until the end up February. As I pointed out in other posts I was hoping that the transition between Seattle and San Diego would be more seamless than it turned to be. I figured I would take the first month back home getting caught up on all the projects that I had been neglecting.

Though I expected the last couple months in Seattle to be a rough build up to a bitter sweet farewell, I didn't expect it to take me this long to ramp back up to full steam.

I'm still not there but I'm getting closer and feeling a lot better.

I still have a space to call my own to satisfy my shut in way, while having my family and a dog to help me from delving too deep into the insanity caused by the combination of solitude and creative mind.

I'm going to get back into Ductigami as soon as I get everything unpack and find the book and supplies that are required to move forward.

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