Result #71: It may sound crazy what I'm about to say... I successfully completed watching Pharrell's 24 Hours of Happy, mostly in one day.

#71: I'm going to watch all 24 hours of Happy during the hours being portrayed on the screen.


Date: 3-12-2014

Due Date: 3-12-2015

Resolution: I've seen several people post links to this 24 hour music video Happy. I have no idea what it's about but I appreciate the concept and wanted to check it out. Right away I saw the potential to somehow work this viewing into a resolution so I held off clicking the link until I could find my angle.

Granted it would be more of a feat of endurance to watch the entire video in one sitting, I just don't think I'm up for that challenge. I do want my viewing experience to play along with the 24 hour theme. I've seen on the YouTube that the video is broken up into real time hour long segments. So my plan is to watch all 24 hours during the time being portrayed on the screen and post my findings.

Update #1: General Happy Update:

Going into this I wasn't really sure what to expect in this 24 hour “Happy” music video. Part of me thought that it would be a video for a collection of songs from Pharrell Williams and maybe some other groups that he's produced. I figured maybe Happy was the theme that connected everything together.


It's just one song on auto repeat with transition from one person dancing to the next. Sometimes these transitions are nice and seamless other times there are intentional cuts as we wait for the next dancer to make their appearance.

It's a fun enough song that I'm sure I'll never want to hear again once I've made it through all 24 hours of this video, it’s fun to see how they transition from one person to the next and it’s real cool the idea that you can sync up your clock while watching it.

I'm about an hour into it and I have to admit that even though it’s an impressive feat to create a 24 hour music video, I was expecting there to be a little more story to keep my attention. If it wasn't for the fact that I made it viewing the entire video a challenge I don't think I would be compelled to watch any more than what I've already seen.

Since I don't really see myself breaking this video down past what I've already written I'm going to create this post and update the times and dates that I watch the video.

03 - 12 - 2015: 12:00pm to 01:00pm

03 - 12 - 2015: 01:00pm to 02:00pm

04 - 01 - 2014: 02:00pm to 03:00pm

03 - 11 - 2015: 03:00pm to 04:00pm

04 - 18 - 2014: O4:00pm to 05:00pm

03 - 11 - 2015: 05:00 to 06:00pm

03 - 11 - 2015: 06:00 to 07:00pm

05 - 26 - 2014: 07:00pm to 08:00pm

03 - 11 - 2015: 08:00pm to 09:00pm

06 - 02 -2014: 09:00pm to 10:00pm

03 - 11 - 2015: 10:00pm to 11:00pm

03 - 11 -2015: 11:00pm to 11:39pm

03 - 13 - 2014: 11:39pm to 12:48am

03 - 12 - 2015: 12:48am to 01:00am

03 - 12 - 2015: 01:00am to 02:00am

03 - 12 - 2015: 02:00am to 03:00am

03 - 12 - 2015: 03:00am to 04:00am

04 - 17 - 2014: 04:00am to 05:00am

03 - 12 - 2015: 05:00am to 06:00am

03 - 12 -2015: 06:00am to 07:00am

03 - 12 - 2015: 07:00am to 08:00am

03 - 12 - 2015: 08:00am to 09:00am

03 - 12 - 2015: 09:00am to 10:00am

03 - 12 - 2015: 10:00am to 11:00am

03 - 12 - 2015: 11:00ap to 12:00pm

Update #2: The Conclusion.

Date: 3-12-2015


It's official.

I completed watching Pharrell William's 24 Hour's of Happy as part of 365 Days of Resolution during the hours being represented on the screen.

The plan was to spread it out and watch the Happy video in hour chunks. As always I was good at the beginning. Within the first month and a half I managed to watch six hours of the video during the designated times.

Then I took a break, thinking I had plenty of time, but like a lot of these resolutions the due date for this resolution slipped my mind.

Yesterday morning I realized that I had a little over 24 hours to watch the 18 hours of Happy to successfully complete this resolution. I knew it was now or never because there is no way this resolution would make it through redemption.

So I buckled down and got to watching.

I've now been awake for over 24 hours with Happy playing on endless loop. Luckily it's a catchy song. Though I'll be happy to never hear it again by choices, getting through this resolution wasn't as torturous as I expected.

Even though I was initially hoping that there was going to be more of a narrative to this video, and it felt like there were four or five dance styles used by the dozens if not hundreds of walk dancers, I still really liked what they were able to pull off with this video.

Even though I have experience working in film I could only imagine the work that went into coordinating this shoot. I appreciate artist like Pharrell for experimenting with ambitious projects like this.

Am I rambling right now?

I think I'm rambling...

I don't know, I need to get to sleep.