Result #75: I can now add pins to my juggling répertoire.

#75: I'm going to learn to juggle bowling pins.

Date: 3-16-2014

Due Date: 3-16-2015

Resolution: It's weird to think that I've reached an age where a higher percentage of my existence is now post learning to juggle. Currently I know how to juggle either two spherical items with one hand or three spherical items with two hands.

I've always wanted to learn to juggle bowling pins, but I'm not fully sure if this is because I want to learn the skill or if I just want to own three bowling pins. Either way within a year, I'm going to fulfill both aspects of this dream.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 3-16-2015

I bought these juggling pins soon after making the resolution to learn to juggle pins. I already knew how to juggle balls so I figured it was just going to be a matter of practice and practice I did.

Even though both techniques are very similar it's much hard to learn to juggle pins. Part of me thought that since I knew the basics of juggling that it would just be a matter of minutes for me to learn to juggle pins.

It actually ended up taking much more work than I thought.

After discovering that I wasn't going to pick it up by just doing what I already know I decided I had to start from scratch.

First I used one pin in one hand to get used to flicking my wrist just right to get the proper pin action. Then I went to tossing one pin back and forth with both hands, then added one pin then another.

Granted I can't juggle pins at the level of a street performer but I can add pin juggling to my list of party tricks.