Result #107: Another April Fool's themed failure... No OTC Stem Cell Research for me :(

#107: Experiment with over the counter Stem Cell Research.

Date: 4-17-2014

Due Date: 4-17-2015

Resolution: Again, I started my day by checking out the AsSeenOnTV website for any foolish products to experiment with. I decided today I'd search for The Fountain of Youth when I stumbled upon this product.

The use of Stem Cell caught my eye. My thoughts are that these people are just using the idea that Stem Cell Research is in the news a lot, controversial, and promises the eventual solve all of our problems.

I don't know the science behind it, but I'm for the research. I can also see the side of other who don't know the science behind Stem Cells also buying into this. They know the term; the news plus the controversy must mean there is truth in these promises. This product must have some of that magical Stem Cell in there some how.

At first I though this was all I needed to justify choosing this product as an April Fools themed experiment and then I read this review:

It's too simple to be a joke, but I just love all the praise; 5 Starts, nice list of Pros, they would recommend it to a friend. They love this product.

It's only draw back is the it's "Not Effective."

Once I read that, I was sold!

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 4-17-2015

Yet another product put on hold until I can figure out my finances.

Stay tuned...