Result #145: Yet another back burnered resolution due to my decision to move.

#145: Go on a tiny house vacation.

Date: 5-25-2014

Due Date: 5-25-2015

Resolution: A couple years ago while stumbling down a YouTube rabbit hole I came across the documentary We the Tiny House People. I've been kind of obsessed with the idea of living in one of these tiny abodes ever since.

I currently live in a small one bedroom apartment and I only use the bedroom for storing  things that I want to get rid of. I really feel all I need is a place big enough to fit my desk, a bed of some sorts, a kitchen and a bathroom.

Even when I fantasize about making a ridiculous amount of money I picture myself buying one of these tiny houses to ride out the rest of my life writing and moving when I begin to feel the itch.

It's time to test this fantasy out to see if I can actually up it off.

To test this theory I found that the tiny house in the above photo is located in Olympia, WA and available to rent through Sometime, within the next year, I will venture down and give tiny house living a shot.

Of course I'll keep you posted.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 5-25-2015

Granted I resolved to stay in Olympia tiny house from the link that I stole the top image from but now that I'm living in San Diego that probably not going to happen anytime soon.

Once I get a steady income again I'll track down a tiny house near me to test out because I really want to see if tiny house living is the life for me. I do love studio apartments and don't require much space.