Result #161: I'm in the middle of a painting class as soon as I'm don't learning to paint on canvas I'm moving on to velvet.

#161: Reproduce my first and favorite painting as a velvet painting.

Date: 6-10-2014

Due Date: 6-10-2015

Resolution: A couple years ago I decided to take up painting. Other than the clean up process, I'm a big fan. As with all hobbies that require money I had to take a small break that damn near turned into a retirement when my freelance work started to dry up.

I have another resolution to get back into painting and learn more about the technical aspects. Just like writing I feel there's always room for more art themed resolutions. I'm just waiting until I can afford a decent easel because having to work with an unstable surface was another issues that I had with with my first stab at the art form.

I think about painting a lot. Last night I started to think about the first painting I ever made. I gave it away as a gift and kind of miss it. I have no intention of asking for it back, but this did get me thinking about giving The Dancing Robot another go.

Then it came to me.... VELVET!!!

I feel that my simplistic yet quirky style lends it self well to the medium of velvet. Who knows? Maybe this will be my escape from the day job. 

A man can dream.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 6-10-2015


I'm currently honing my painting skills and am about half way through my class. As soon as I'm done I'll get to this painting.

As always, I'll keep you posted.