Result #173: I think learning to draw has been the most life changing of the resolutions, so I'm definitely considering this to be a success!

#173: Test this books claim that I can learn how to draw in 30 days.

Date: 6-22-2014

Due Date: 6-22-2014

Resolution: As I pointed out in yesterday's resolution I always wished that I was better at drawing. Moments after posting that I would be sketching a monthly portrait of Mr. Belvedere in drag I went to Amazon and ordered the above book that claims it can teach one to draw in 30 days.

At first I wanted to use this book to help me with my first month's attempt at the portrait but then I realized that I don't have a base level example of my artistic abilities to gauge any potential progress.

That said, the moment I finish my first untrained sketch of Mr. Beleveder in drag I will start this 30 day learning experiment to see how well I improve with portrait number two.

Update #1: The Bagel, the Airplane and the Tiny House.

Date: 7-5-2014

So the book told me to draw a bagel, an airplane, and a house. The book's samples show a couple before images as examples. These example images are compartmentalized, a bagel here, an airplane there and a house here. The after photos are far better but they're also left way more up to interpretation as to whether or not the student stuck to the assignment.

I didn't see one bagel in either of these corrected benchmarks...

Oh wait...

Now that I look at the photos again, the after photo's are not interpretations at all, they're just sketches from later on in the book to show progress.

That's stupid.

Why create a baseline example if you're not going to revisit the initial assignment to gauge the progress?

Ah, what ever. I like this guy's style so far. I'll be more judgmental when I get to the after portion of my learning experience.

Update #2: The Sphere.

Date: 7-6-2014

I'm pretty proud of my sphere.

My apple?

Not so much.

Update #3: Overlapping Spheres

Date: 7-7-2014

My spheres look like a butt. My tennis balls just look like butt.

Even though these have been pretty simple assignments I'm already looking at sketching in a much different light. It's pretty interesting how some of the tips and techniques of shadowing seem so obvious once they're pointed out to you.

Update #4: Advanced-Level Spheres.

Date: 7-8-2014

I was a little rushed because I need to go to bed and this is a bit of a longer lesson, but I'm still pretty impressed with my progress! It's amazing how shading alone can make such a by difference.

Update #5: The Cube.

Date: 7-9-2014

Today I learned a new way to draw a cube. I knew a different way when I was a kid, but that way seemed to have more erasing.

I'm still impressed and genuinely can't wait for tomorrows lesson.

Update #6: Hollow Cubes

Date: 7-10-2014


I'm really wishing that I would have bought a book like this much earlier in my life. It may sound repetitive but the lessons are repetitive (in a good way.) 

I've had so many artistic endeavors that I've given up on because my ability to draw is so hit or miss. These are still early somewhat easy lessons, but again the concepts make sense to me.

Though I doubt that I'll ever be an amazing sketch artist, I'm pretty confident that by the time I get to the end of this book I'll be able to create visual art that is way less hacky.

Update #7: Stacking Tables

Date: 7-11-2014

Again, there's nothing more that I can really say other than I'm impressed by how well these lessons work and I'm excited for tomorrow's lesson.

Update #8: Advanced-Level Cubes

Date: 7-12-2014

Update #9: Cool Koala

Date: 7-13-2014

Today's lesson, three hairy balls and a cool koala!!!

Update #10: The Rose

Date: 7-14-2014

Update #11: The Cylinder

Date: 7-15-14

Update #12: Advanced-Level Cylinders

Date: 7-16-2014

Update #13: Construction with Cubes

Date: 7-17-2014

Update #14: Advanced-Level Houses

Date: 7-18-2014

Update #15: The Lily

Date: 7-19-2014

Update #16: Contour Tubes

Date: 7-20-2014

Update #17: The Wave

Date: 7-21-2014

Update #18: Rippling Flags

Date: 7-22-2014

Update #19: The Scroll

Date: 7-24-2014

Update #20: Pyramids

Date: 7-25-2014

Update #21: Volcanoes, Craters, and a Cup of Coffee.

Date: 7-26-2014

Update #22: Trees

Date: 7-26-2014

Update #23: A Room In One-Point Perspective.

Date: 7-27-2014

Update #24: A City In One-Point Perspective

Date: 7-28-2014

Update #25: A Tower In Two-Point Perspective.

Date: 7-29-2014

Update #26: A Castle In Two-Point Perspective

Date: 7-30-2014

Update #27: A City in Two-Point Perspective.

Date: 7-31-2014

Update #28: Lettering in Two-Point Perspective.

Date: 8-1-2014

Update #29: The Human Face.

Date: 8-2-2014

Update #30: The Human Eye of Inspiration

Date: 8-3-2014

Update #31: Your Hand of Creativity!

Date: 8-4-2014

Update #31: The Conclusion.

Date: 6-22-2015

Though I made a few attempts to paint in the past, writing was my only creative outlet up until I started this resolution. Writing will always be the most important thing in my life but I've found that it's not the best outlet for expression when you don't have much confidence. Most of my writing goes unshared because it's a lot to ask someone to take the time to read hundreds of pages.

Now that I'm learning to draw I can finish a project in a day and share it for instant feedback. Even though I am still in the beginning stages of the learning process I get a sense of accomplishment that I've never felt from writing. It feels nice.

I don't think drawing will ever take over writing as my true passion but it is nice to have another outlet to express my creative side and because of that, I'm going to consider this resolution to be a success.