Result #177: Once again, due to finances I failed to even attempt this resolution and still have no idea what my official IQ is.

#177: Take an official IQ test.

Date: 6-26-2014

Due Date: 6-26-2015

Resolution: Whenever the topic of IQ tests comes up on any of the talk shows/podcasts that I listen to, it sounds like there was a time when everyone had to take an IQ test through the school system. I'm not sure if this is a regional thing that's still going on to this day or an era thing that was lost due to the underfunding of the education system. Either way I've always been interested in what I'd score.

Back in the day when the internet first started to get popular, before there were all these social media quizzes that inform you which Game of Throne Character you are, there seemed to be a lot of, on the verge of legitimate, personality tests that we'd sneak into our work day to then brag about the results at lunch in a true social atmosphere.

One of the tests that became a source of competition was the free IQ test. Though I don't remember my score, I remember thinking the test couldn't be accurate because I scored way too high. Though I feel I'm smarter than I let on this test had me at a Mensa levels.

I wouldn't say that I'm that much smarter than I let on, but after seeing that score I've always been interested in what my official IQ is, apparently not interested enough to anything about it, but interested none the less.

Well, now that I'm tackling all these back of my mind challenges I think it's time to finally lay the question of my intelligence to rest... well... test wise that is.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 6-26-2015

This is another resolution that I really want to do but due to the fact that it cost money and involved interacting with others I put it off until it was too late to meet this deadline.

Once I start pulling in enough of an income I will revisit this IQ challenge and let you know how smart or dumb I actually am.