Result #158: By the time I go to bed tonight I will have seen the entire run of Arrested Development.

#158: Finally watch every episode of Arrested Development.

Date: 6-7-2014

Due Date: 6-7-2015

Resolution: I was really into Arrested Development when it first came out. I watched every episode the day that it aired for the entire first season. Then something happened between season one and season two where I not only stopped watching the show but I also stopped watching TV all together.

Last year when the new season was released I vowed to to watch the entire season in order to enjoy these new episodes. Well that never happened and here we are today. I'm officially adding the viewing of all of Arrested Development to the list of things that I will finally be getting to.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 6-7-2014

I think I've tried to binge watch Arrested Development four times since it went off the air, two of those times took place during this resolution. I usually burn through the first season then end up taking a break somewhere in the second season, not because I get tired of the show but because I really need a break.

Up until this latest attempt these breaks usually last longer than I plan leading me to forget where I am in the series. I don't want to miss anything so ironically I often end up giving up rather than hunting down where I left off. These breaks are often quite long so it's not a matter of just jumping back into the show.

Being that I started another binge attempt days after setting this resolution only to take a break somewhere in season two attempt to get back into it, give up and forget the due date, I was almost going to consider this one a fail when I saw that I had a little over a week to complete the task.

Luckily I discovered the due date at just the right time and started watching Arrested Development once again from the start. I'm glad I decided to restart this instead of send the resolution to redemption because this week turned out to be the perfect week to do so. During the first failed attempt I was too busy multitasking to really enjoy the show.

This attempt however was great. I actually watched the show instead of just having it playing in the background as I would write. I'm not going to go into a full on review but I love this show and can see why it has such a loyal following. Being that I was focused I was able to spot so many great actors popping up all over the place. It really made me happy to see Patrice O'neal again.

I'm currently watching the fourth and final season. Baring some sort of catastrophic event I will be finishing the show tonight before I go to bed so I'm going to go ahead and give myself a success right now because I know by the time I'm done I will be too exhausted to write.