Result #251: Oops, I thought this Online Public Speaking Class was part of my other education venture and accidentally put it on hold.

#251: Take this free online Public Speaking Class in the comfort of my own apartment, where I can be alone.

Date: 9-8-2014

Due Date: 9-8-2015

Resolution: I've been a stand-up comedy nerd ever since I was a little kid. Before I dreamed of making it as a writer I always thought I'd become a comedian.

Unlike writing, stand up's always stayed in the realm of fantasy. I'm fully aware of my anxiety issues and lack of confidence to perform in front of a crowd.

A few years ago, I gave stand-up a shot. I performed four or five times in a makeshift comedy club in San Diego. I never felt an ounce of comfort while on the stage.

So, the dream fell back into the out of reach section of my fantasies.

Earlier this year I resolved to join the Toastmasters.

I was hoping this would help me overcome my fears of public speaking. I went once and struck with the same anxiety in that tiny room of strangers that I felt on the stage.

I plan to use this free public speaking course in the same way fat people (like myself) feel the need to workout at home to get in shape before even thinking about joining a gym.

Hopefully this will be the baby step that I need to feel comfortable at the Toastmasters to then become comfortable enough talking to strangers to then feel comfortable enough to resolve to give stand-up comedy another shot.

We'll see what happens.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 9-8-2015

I've had this online public speaking class in my mind for the past several weeks. I knew the deadline was coming up but I was under the impression the course was through the online school that I've been using to complete my other educational goals.

I'm currently maxed out on the classes I can take through that site so I figured I've have to queue this class up in the next batch of classes I get to take. Then I went to report my failure only to find I actually set out to complete this free online public speaking course through a whole different site and could have started at any time.

Oh well, a fail is a fail and that's what I have here.

Hopefully I'll get to it soon through my ever growing bucket list challenge. As always, I'll let you know when I do.