Southland Tales review 24 of 52.

On the road again.

I landed yet another out of town gig so for the next few weeks I will be watching and reviewing Southland Tales in lovely Richland WA.

It’s currently Sunday July 28th at 12:30 in the pm work starts tomorrow so it's time to fire up the Cannes Cut and follow that up with part two of how Southland Tales is connected to the Sri Yantra.

Wish me luck.

The past month has been a very busy one and today is the only day that I know for sure that I can fit in a viewing of the movie. Being that this week, I didn't watch at my leisure it seemed to take twice as long for the movie to play out.

This is also  a week more geared towards how Southland Tales fits in with supplemental material, so I didn’t feel that I gained much from the movie itself. This is probably another reason the viewing seemed to take even longer.

I did it though. This is my 24th time watching this movie!

Now brace yourself for some nonsense as I try to figure this video out.

Damn it.

I got called away…

...It’s now Tuesday July 30 at 1:00 in the am.

(Note: I may have to revisit this one because I have to go to bed.)

Here we go with Southland Tales, Sri Yrantra and the Butterfly Effect part 2.

  • Oh they’re talking about Donnie Darko!!!
  • Then goes on to link Donnie Darko to Evil Dead.


  • And we're back to Warlock.
  • Warlock relates to Evil Dead.
  • Evil Dead is about a prophetic book!!!


  • 9/11
  • Masons
  • And the Pyramids

And from out of know where!!!

  • Linkage to Dude Where’s My Car!!!

Oh okay…

  • Sean William Scott and Ashton Kutcher because he’s in The Butterfly Effect!!!

Yay! At least The Butterfly Effect is part of the title of this video!!!

  • There is also a device that will destroy the world in Dude Where's My Car? Are they going to link it to Southland Tales?


  • He goes on for a while about geometry.
  • The cube is important.
  • The world also ends because of a cube in: AI, Hell Raiser, Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
  • In a very nice move he links Dude Where’s My Car to Willy Wonka. They won pudding in Dude Where’s my Car?

Okay they're talking about time travel and The Butterfly Effect. They have to be linking that to…

  • Sri Yantra, I still don’t know what that is, but it’s in the title.

That’s what Sri Yantra is!

  • What ever it is, it’s linked to Contact.
  • Well that’s pretty cool they’re pointing out that you can make these crazy links because we are all connected even if not planned. That would be awesome if that’s how life worked.
  • Now they're playing a George Noory segment that sounded like Coast to Coast at it’s usual.
  • Back to the Scorpion King!!! Well via the Mummy Returns.
  • And then the Mummy.
  • And then Oz. I actually looked away and thought they were talking about the prison show, but no.
  • Wizard of Oz!!! Are they going to link the fact that Dorothy escapes in a hot air balloon to the Treer Mega Zeppelin

Holy shit! Is Southland Tales the retelling of the Wizard of Oz?

As soon as I get home!!!

  • Their Oz link how ever, is lame.
  • Some how we’re and Brendan Fraser, which rapidly links to The Matrix and Constantine.
  • Something is linked to suicide then links to the mention of the checkered floor which we learned last week is link to the music video in …


  • I thought I was really making progress here. With no mention at all of the music video in Southland Tales instead they talk about floor which leads to red carpet talk,
  • I think he’s coming out as an Atheist.
  • Now he's talking about the movie The Fountain, and it’s link to Myans.

Time for music plugs.

He mention Southland Tales once but having seen the movie a bunch, he is clearly building to some major connection to Southland Tales.

Next week better be a doosey!!!!!!!!!!!!

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