Southland Tales review 51 of 52.

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Last week I discovered The Clashland Tales (The pairing of Southland Tales with the audio from The Clash's album Sandinisto!) but didn't really get to enjoy it because I had to pause the movie every two minutes to note how these two projects fit together.

This week I was dog/house sitting and had just learned how to knit, as part of my new 365 Days of Resolution challenge. So, I decided to just chill with the dogs and knit as The Clashland Tales provided the entertainment for the night.

I fired up the pairing at 9:30 in the pm, just a couple hours after the Seahawks won the Super Bowl on Sunday, February the 2nd.

What a relaxing evening. While the rest of Seattle was out rioting I was at home with dogs at my feet, knitting, with good tunes in the air and a great movie on the screen. This is what I came up with.


I mostly work on the dark strip at the top during the viewing because I was busy getting lost in the movie but it's what I did.

As far as my review goes I figured that since next week will be my last review I'd use this as another opportunity to summarize my findings so far, just like I did at the half way mark.

Before I start, I will be live tweeting my final viewing this Sunday February 9th and 6:00 in the pm PST if you are interested in watching along so I don't have to watch it alone :)

And now, here you go:

Week 1 – I got super high and could barely follow the movie. I wasn’t sure what it was about, but I liked it a lot. I knew this was going to be the perfect movie for this project.

Week 2 – Rather than get high I decided I needed focus so I went to the Asian market and bought a bunch of international energy drinks.

Week 3 – I relaxed and pointed out odd things that stood out to me.

Week 4 – I had just finished writing a feature of my own and share my tales of procrastination when it comes to watching Southland Tales.

Week 5 – This week I explain how my mental disorders lead me to working on this project.

Week 6 – I watched Southland Tales in French. I’m not sure if my joke makes sense because it more refers to a post I made on Facebook.

Week 7 – I watch Southland Tales in French again and see the movie in an entirely different light.

Week 8 -   Richard Kelly retweets my note to him that I am doing this project and I discover the Cannes Cut.

Week 9 – Just as I get into twitter because of this blog, the Boston Marathon Bombing takes place and begin to fear a Southland Talesesque reality.

Week 10 – The Boston Bombers are caught in a freak show that heightens my fears.

Week 11 – I find myself content and it bothers me.

Week 12 – I add to my list of observations, only now with way more experience.

Week 13 – Another brilliant idea lost to cannabis.

Week 14 – In this epic review I watched the Cannes Cut and the Theatrical release side by side and share my findings.

Week 15 – I wrote this week’s review with my cellphone.

Week 16 – This week I thought I was dying but it turning out to be a Furby.

Week 17 – This week I counted balls.

Week 18 – These are a few of my favorite lines.

Week 19 – This week I watched both Donnie Darko and Southland Tales and shared my findings.

Week 20 – I read the first part of the series of the Southland Tales graphic novels and shared my findings.

Week 21 – I read the second part of the series of the graphic novels and share my findings.

Week 22 – I read the third and final part of the series of the graphic novels and share my findings.

Week 23 – Part one of learning how Southland Tales links to Sri Yantra.

Week 24 – Part Two of learning how Southland Tales links to Sri Yantra.

Week 25 – The third and final segment of the YouTube video linking Southland Tales to Sri Yantra.

Week 26 - Halfiversary recap of the first 25 weeks.

Week 27 - Burnt out from work I watched the first part of a sketch comedy group of sorts called TGWTG as they did a performance piece/review of Southland Tales that left me very unimpressed.

Week 28 - Not wanting to bail out on a concept I watched the second half of the TGWTG review and my unimpressed feelings did not improve.

Week 29 - Weeks 27 and 28 were rough on me, home sick and depressed from the last two reviews. I was ready to throw in the towel, but watching Southland Tales in the comfort of my own home won me back!

Week 30 - One of my readers pointed the Area 52 project out to Abraham Riesman who had just interviewed Richard Kelly for an article for Vice. I checked out his article and watch Southland Tale with the article in mind.

Week 31 - I managed to get my hands on the script for the once planned animated prequel to Southland Tales and I broke it down.

Week 32 - I kept reading that Southland Tales was a retelling of The Book of Revelations so I found the audiobook version of The Book of Revelations and tried to see it for myself.

Week 33 - Returning to my hunt for the Richard Kelly mythos I watched The Box to see if there were any connections.

Week 34 - I ran with the theme of hunting for the Richard Kelly mythos and found his student film The Goodbye Place and looked for connections.

Week 35 - Having found connection in every other film written and directed by Richard Kelly I decided to see if there were connections in Domino a movie where he was just the writer.

Week 36 - I have more problems with doubt and depression and watch the movie to escape.

Week 37 - I create the game "Where in the World is Bunker Watching Southland Tales This Week?," while working from out of town yet again.

Week 38 - I noticed that the screenplay for the prequel didn't quite match up with the graphic novel prequels so I compare the two versions of chapter one, Two Roads Diverge.

Week 39 - I compare the two different versions of chapter two, Fingerprints.

Week 40 - I compare the two different versions of chapter three, The Mechanicals.

Week 41 - I watch the DVD bonus documentary featurette.

Week 42 - I watch the DVD animated short, This is the Way the World Ends.

Week 43 - I really got into the whole comparing of things and decided to compare Southland Tales with another famous flop that I enjoyed, so I compared it with Hudson Hawk.

Week 44 - The famous flop theme didn't last long as I move on to comparing Southland Tales to famous movies in general, starting with The Wizard of Oz.

Week 45 - I watch Southland Tales on my phone... in a plane.

Week 46 - I force my mom and two little sisters to play along as guest reviewers for the theatrical release.

Week 47 - I force my mom and little sisters to follow this up by continuing their roles as guest reviewers and have them compare the theatrical release to the Cannes Cut of Southland Tales.

Week 48 - I compare Southland Tales to the movie voted most similar and streaming, This is Not a Movie.

Week 49 - I mistake the title of a blog for a theory and try to compare Southland Tales to two separate telling’s of Pinocchio.

Week 50 - I discover if you watch the video from Southland Tale with the audio from The Clash's three disc album Sandinista! you get The Clashland Tales, a viewing experience far better than the pairing of The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz.

Week 51 - You're reading it.

Week 52 - Stay tuned...