Missing Madeline


A couple weeks ago I shared that Lily Tomlin was a childhood celebrity crush after I realized it while viewing her episode. In that case, I didn't realize that it was an actual crush until I took the time to look back. When it comes to Madeline Kahn, I was always aware of the puppy love feelings that I'd get whenever she entered the screen.

I think what I always admired about Madeline Kahn was that I found her to be funny on her own. I never saw her as just the cute love interest that I adored while living vicariously through the eyes of the hero. No, she always played the strong but silly character that stood out to me as someone to watch. It didn't hurt that she was part of the Mel Brooks crew that I couldn't get enough of in my youth.

This childhood why I was excited to see when she was the next host in the queue and she didn't let me down. Whether she was singing or acting in a sketch, I felt more of a comforting nostalgia as I settled in and watched this performer that was taken way too young.

I'm really looking forward to watching her future hosting duties but until then, here's what happened this episode as I give you...

The Wicker Breakdown:

  1. Chevy Chase opens the show as Reagan playing jazz piano to show that he is hip yet keeps referring to Garrett Morris, who is playing the sax, as "Boy," completely unaware of how offensive he is being.

  2. Madeline Kahn then opens the show with an entertaining monolog about Mother's Day.

  3. This was followed by Belushi in a fake ad for Wilderness Comedian where he performs jokes for small woodland creatures.

  4. Gilda Radner as Barbara Walters interviews Madeline Kahn as Marlene Dietrich and the two have a speech impediment off that had me laughing out loud.

  5. This was followed by a slumber party sketch with kids tip-toeing around talking about sex in a slow but silly scene.

  6. Garrett Morris plays a representative of Namibia who is calling for all the unused fondue pots in America that were given as gifts after it stopped becoming a trend.

  7. The Muppets then try to talk Chevy into helping them get back on the show and offer to bring the Beatles in return.

  8. Howard Shore and His Band of All Monsters play I feel pretty for Madeline Kahn dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein to sing along.

  9. The news was filled with a few jokes about Reagan which is kind of interesting knowing that he loses the current election being covered but wins four years later after most of the original cast was gone.

  10. The news's commercial was a weird parody of the old Bounty paper towel commercials only they were promoting how absorbent Rosie's Hosieries actually are.

  11. The news returns with Emily Litella ranting about Violins on TV.

  12. Madeline Kahn then introduced Carly Simon noting that she hasn't been on TV in a long time then broke the news that it was a pre-recorded performance of Half a Chance and You're So Vain.

  13. Next, was a weird but interesting sketch where Madeline played Nixon's wife writing in her diary about the final day in the White House. There were a bunch of flashbacks that seemed like they each would have worked well on their own but all together felt way too long.

  14. This week's short film was a video that intercut music praising New York with clips of angry New York fans at sporting events as they freak out over whatever is happening on the field.

  15. Belushi stars as a Private Investigator with Madeline Kahn as a client and their conversation evolved into the song I Will Follow Him, as Belushi explains his detecting style.

  16. Gilda and Madeline then do two quick but cute impersonations, Kahn doing a baby eating ice cream for the first time and Gilda does a parakeet that is learning to speak.

  17. Madeline Kahn then sings what I'm guessing is a religious hymn.

  18. Then the show finished with her saying goodnight to the crowd and the audience at home.

My three favorite sketches of this episode were, first, Madeline Kahn as the Bride of Frankenstein singing I Feel Pretty because I liked that it referenced Young Frankenstein and The West Side Story soundtrack is a favorite of mine because of the punk cover by Schlong. Next, was Radner and Kahn in their speech impediment off. Finally, I was a fan of Garrett Morris's request for unused fondue pots.


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