SNL: S01E20... HOST: DYAN CANNON... DATE: MAY 15, 1976


The Bored And The Beautiful Part Deux


Sorry if this one is quick and uninspired. All you have to do is replace sexy with cute and bubbly, and I've already written what I have to say when talking about the writer's choices in the Raquel Welch episode.

Again it felt like they didn't trust Dyan Cannon enough to even attempt real comedy. They let her sing twice which is what it is but a little much considering that the musical guest sang two more songs. When she wasn't singing she was being hit on by the male cast. 

At least with her, they did seem to try to keep the flirting playful and light instead of the lecherous/grabby way that they treated Raquel, but that's probably only because they were playing off the fact that she started out the show claiming to have more of a prudish personality.

This episode was a swing and a miss for me as I wasn't all that interested in the band and aside from what I wrote above Dyan Cannon just wasn't a good sketch actress. Oh well, here's what else I saw as I give you...

The Wicker Breakdown:

  1. The show starts post-Chevy fall as if the show accidentally started early, meaning the segment didn't go out live, leading the director to make Chevy redo the fall even though all the other actors had already left the stage. The director kept emphasizing that the fall is all that mattered.

  2. Dyan Cannon then started the show with a clumsy monolog that transitioned into a song about how she doesn't drink or smoke and is a bit of a prude. She then finished the intro by announcing that her fantasy is to have a man on a white horse came to take her away some day.

  3. The was followed by a fake commercial with a taste test between Sugar-Free Sing and a mug filled with phlegm.

  4. Dyan Cannon then played a nurse directing a hearing test where the patients couldn't hear anything but the test because of how good the headphones. Robbers then rush the building and have a shootout with the police while the patients continue to raise whichever hand the corresponded with the direction of the tone. This goes until everyone in the room gets shot by the police.

  5. Chevy Chase is on the couch making out with Dyan Cannon. Her husband walks in leading Chevy to play dead as Dyan attempt to cover up her affair.

  6. This was followed by Vacationland Adventure where Jane Curtin interviews Belushi about vacationing in Bulgaria in the winter when everything is frozen over.

  7. Dan Aykroyd tries to impress Dyan by walking up a little horse meaning his voice and not the animal-like Dyan asked for in the intro.

  8. Leon and Mary Russel then perform I Want to Satisfy You which I wasn't really feeling.

  9. Buck Henry then makes a quick appearance to announce his hosting duties next week only to have the girls make fun of him right in front of his face.

  10. This was followed by the news that still going strong and interesting to see them covering the election after living through this year's cluster fuck of an election.

  11. The news commercial was Jane Curtin trying to sell Florida Orange Juice in Beirut only to be killed by terrorists.

  12. The news returns as does the top story being repeated for the hearing impaired.

  13. Next, Chevy Chase played a minister performing funeral services and get stricken with a case of hiccups to then try different techniques while trying to continue his services.

  14. Garrett Morris then shows up with White Whore in order to win over Dyan Cannon to then be corrected that she said White Horse.

  15. The short film was interesting as they cut back and forth between a newlywed couple honeymooning at Niagara Falls and footage of two detectives talking about the ways in which their married clients don't trust one another.

  16. Dyan Cannon then plays Cindy Cleavage in a fake ad for a company that sells celebrity bathwater to creeps.

  17. Chevy then stars in a fake ad as a Marine instructor who gets abused by his commander every time he makes the slightest of mistakes. The ad ends with the line, "The US Marines die for their country, even in times of peace.

  18. Leon and Mary Russel then perform Daylight and are saved by the Belushi Cocker character who comes out to sing along.

  19. Gilda and Belushi play the parents of Dyan Cannon nervously waiting for her first date. The Hells Angels then arrive as Dyan Cannon sings Johnny Angel as the bikers destroy and rob the house.

  20. Belushi plays a store owner that pushes Cresk toothpaste for Gilda Radner's son even after being informed that he is dead, so his teeth won't rot in the grave. She ends up so shell-shocked by the situation that she buys the toothpaste and leave the store in a sad daze.

  21. Belushi then rides up on a white guy named Horace in order to win over Dyan Cannon and once again she clears up the mistake.

  22. This was followed by the Home Movie of the Week which was a guy who gets his hands stuck in a hubcap that he is trying to steal and gets tangled up in the wheel as the owner of the car gets in and drives off without even noticing the crook.

  23. Finally, Dyan says her goodnights to the crowd and viewing audience as Chevy finally arrives on a real white horse to close out the show.

As I said, this wasn't my favorite episode, but unlike some of the others, I could still find a top three pretty easily. First, the hearing test/robbery which was pretty funny to see the patients reacting to the test despite their being chaos happening right behind them. Next, I really liked the funeral service/hiccup sketch got me laughing out loud. Finally, there was a stop motion animation aspect of this week's home video that really cracked me up. 


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