1. Buck Henry (S02E06)

  2. Steve Martin (S02E14)

  3. Jack Burns (S02E17)

  4. Steve Martin (S02E05)

  5. Eric Idle (S02E03)

  6. Eric Idle (S02E20)

  7. Ralph Nader (S02E11)

  8. Paul Simon (S02E08)

  9. Buck Henry (S02E22)

  10. Elliot Gould (S02E19)

  11. Lily Tomlin (S02E01)

  12. Shelley Duvall (S02E21)

  13. Candice Bergen (S02E10)

  14. Jodie Foster (S02E09)

  15. Sissy Spacek (S02E15)

  16. Normal Lear (S02E02)

  17. Dick Cavett (S02E07)

  18. Ruth Gordan (S02E12)

  19. Karen Black (S02E04)

  20. Julian Bond (S02E18)

  21. Randy Newman (S02E14.5)

  22. Fran Tarkenton (S02E13)

  23. Broderick Crawford (S02E16)


  1. The Coneheads Introduction (S02E11)

  2. Al Franken strolls in on the news. (S02E05)

  3. PSA for the Extremely Stupid (S02E10)

  4. The Coneheads get investigated by Steven Martin of the IRS (S02E14)

  5. The Litella Sisters (S02E12)

  6. Body Language Mini-Mockumentary (S02E20)

  7. Garrett Morris scared by Houdini's ghost (02E06)

  8. "We're the Phone Company, We don't care." (S02E01)

  9. Halloween Bank Robbery Turned Costume Contest (S02E21)

  10. Jack Burns "doesn't commit" to the suicide stunt, "ruining" the rest of the sketch. (S02E17)

  11. Cufflinks of the Gods (S02E03)

  12. I Love Lucy, Nuclear Warhead Conveyor Belt Sketch(S02E16)

  13. Tribute to Don Pardo (S02E09)

  14. Dr. X Family Counselor (S02E18)

  15. Barbara Wawa in Fight Club like interview with Henry Winkler/The Fonz (S02E14.5)

  16. The Coneheads get 35 phones installed. (S02E19)

  17. How Your Children Grow, Buck Henry Pavlovian Sketch (S02E22)

  18. Bill Murray promotes book That's Right, You're Absolutely Right (S02E15)

  19. Norman Lear Interviews the Stars that He's Helped Create (S02E02)

  20. Mr. Bill Returns!!! (S02E04)

  21. Garrett beats TV to get it to work, knocking around Gilda who is on the screen lying about the picture quality (S02E07)

  22. Chevy Chase Busking outside the show now that he's no longer part of the cast (S02E08)

  23. Black Perspective discussing why there are no black quarterbacks (S02E13)


  1. Joe Cocker featuring John Belushi - Feelin' Alright (S02E03)

  2. Brick - Dazz (S02E18)

  3. The Kinks - Medley of The Kinks Songs (S02E14)

  4. Frank Zappa featuring Don Pardo - I Am the Slime (S02E10)

  5. Paul Simon - Bridge Over Troubled Water (S02E08)

  6. The McGarrigle Sisters - Heart Like a Wheel (S02E19)

  7. Chuck Berry - Marie (S02E12)

  8. Paul Simon and George Harrison - Homeward Bound - (S02E8)

  9. The Band - Georgia On My Mind (S02E06)

  10. James Taylor - Shower the People (S02E01)

  11. Randy Newman - Marie (S02E14.5)

  12. Neil Innes (AKA The Ruttle from New York) - Cheese and Onions (S02E20)

  13. Tom Waits - Eggs and Sausage (S02E18)

  14. Lily Tomlin featuring Paul Shaffer - The Antler Dance (S02E01)

  15. Paul Shaffer - The Antler Dance Live (S02E14.5)

  16. Santana - Black Magic Woman (S02E17)

  17. Leo Sayer - You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (S02E13)

  18. Donny Harper and the Voices of Tomorrow - Sing a Song (S02E13)

  19. Brian Wilson - Good Vibrations (S02E09)

  20. Richard Baskin - City of One Night Stands (S02E15)

  21. Joan Armatrading - Down to Zero (S02E21)

  22. Kenny Vance - The Performer (S02E22)

  23. Ry Cooder - Tattler (S02E07)

  24. Boz Scaggs - What Can I Say? (S02E02)

  25. Kinky Friedman - Dear Abbie (S02E05)

  26. The RCO All-Stars - Sing Sing Sing (S02E16)

  27. The Meters - I Got to Get My Name Up In Lights (S02E16)

  28. Jennifer Warens - Right Time of the Night (S02E22)

  29. George Benson - Gonna Love You More (S02E11)

  30. John Prine - Hello in There (S02E04)

  31. Rosalyn Kind - I'm Not Anyone (S02E19)

  32. Alan Price - Poor People (S02E20)


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  2. Episode 3

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  16. Episode 2

  17. Episode 4

  18. Episode 7

  19. Episode 15

  20. Episode 14.5

  21. Episode 13

  22. Episode 18

  23. Episode 16

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