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Let me start this by warning you that this review is going to be quick and to the point because the back problem that I've been suffering from over the past month has gotten to the point where I have to write from my laptop while laying in bed because my sciatica is now really acting up whenever I sit in a chair. Typing in this position is perfectly fine when it comes to web surfing but it's not all that fun when it comes to writing anything longer than a sentence. 

To add to the fun, my laptop really sucks because I bought the cheapest one in the store since I only bought it for when I travel, which isn't that much at all. The speakers suck so I had to turn off my fan in order to hear the show. This isn't good because I live in a windowless garage in San Diego and it being July I must have lost ten pounds in sweat. 

So here I lie in a pool of my own sweat, still barely about to hear the show, just wanting the whole thing to be over. Thankfully, tonight's show broke the mold when compared to the rest of the season and turned out to be a pretty fun show and not the so-so content that made up the first five shows of the year, minus Justin Timberlake's visit which was the best overall show that I've seen in quite some time.

Not only was the show fun enough to make viewing it in these extreme conditions to be bearable but being that this is Baldwin's eleventh visit, I've already covered every angle of my views on him and his career and don't feel guilty at all for making this short and mainly off topic.

With that said, I'm going to wrap this thing up by shifting gears to share what I saw, as I give you...

The Wicker Breakdown:

  1. This week's show started with A Message From The President Of The United States where Darrell Hammond as George W. Bush unveiled the new constitution for Iraq which mainly benefitted "America" an their goals over the Iraqi people. Of course, with this being the opening sketch, it eventually led to the announcement of, "Live from New York..."

  2. Alec Baldwin then officially opened the show with a monolog where Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz played members of the SNL band, with a special guest appearance by Mike Myers as the boom mic operator and all three over-laughed at all of our host's jokes as he tried to talk up the movie The Cat In The Hat which was the movie he was there to plug.

  3. This was followed by a repeat of the fake ad for Huggies Thong from earlier in the season which as the title suggests was a fake ad for a g-strig for kids.

  4. Breast Augmentation had Alec Baldwin as a plastic surgeon who kept insisting that Amy Poehler should let him implant a pair of Double Ds when all that she wanted was a reasonable increase in size.

  5. Zinger vs. Burns had Seth Myers and Alec Baldwin as two scientists battled with zingers and burns during a very important scientific meeting about how they planned to save the world from a potential catastrophic event. This lead the head scientist played by Chris Parnell to suggest a zings vs burbs-off in order to let them get all of the jokes out of their system.

  6. We then got a repeat of the fake ad for Gaystrogen from earlier in the season which was for a pill that helped to ease the symptoms of gay menopause.

  7. This was followed by The Tony Bennett Show where Alec Baldwin as Bennett interviewed murdering millionaire Robert Durst who was recently acquitted from one of his early murder cases and seemed to have absolutely no remorse.

  8. We then got another installment of The Falconer where this time the falcon went to Vegas to hang out and gamble with Alec Baldwin as a big-shot gambler while The Falconer was hanging upside down from a tree. As always, after all of his fun, the falcon returned with scraps for The Falconer who accepted the gift as if it were a treasure.

  9. Missy Elliot then took to the stage to perform Pass The Dutch.

  10. Once again, Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey gave us the news. This week, Will Forte dropped by to show off his new semi-celebrity sex tape with him and Fred Armisen when he was supposed to be reviewing Paris Hilton's sex tape. Tina Fey also tried to contact Christian Slater's friend in an effort to get him to do his Jack Nicholson impersonation over the phone

  11. This was followed by parody coverage of a Prince Charles Press Conference where Alec Baldwin played the prince's private secretary to take questions from reporters about the rumors of the future king's involvement in a male to male sex romp.

  12. Keen Corp Presentation was a sketch where Alec Baldwin and Amy Poehler put on a very important presentation, only it was very awkward due to the fact that the two just had a one-night stand the night before.

  13. Siegfried And Roy had Jeff Richards as Siegfried and Alec Baldwin as Roy who had just recovered from his recent attack and attempted to jump back into the show only to get mauled again.

  14. Missy Elliot then returned to the stage to perform Work It.

  15. Scheinwald Studios had Seth Meyers and a movie executive of a family-owned film production company who really wanted to take the company in a new direction by hiring Fred Armisen as a new writer but his father, Alec Baldwin, and Grandfather, Rachel Dratch, were not up for the idea of this major change because they were both still stuck in their generation's brand of getting things done in Hollywood.

  16. Finally, Alec Baldwin closed the show by thanking the audience and saying his goodnights.

Again, this was a great show, especially considering the viewing conditions, with these three sketches that contained my favorite moments of the night that made the episode so fun. First, I loved the Siegfried And Roy sketch because I liked the jokes about the two tiger owner even before the mauling incident so that added aspect made the sketch extra funny to watch. I really liked The Falconer from this week because it was fun to see the falcon having a good time in Vegas plus I like this series in general. Finally, I was a fan of Scheinwald Studios because it reminded me of back when I still worked in film which was one of the best eras of my life.


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