The Wicker Breakdown:

  1. This week's show started with another parody of Hardball where once again Darrell Hammond played Chris Matthews, this time to rant against same-sex marriage to Horatio Sanz as Rosie O'Donnell, Chris Parnell as one of the homophobic pundits from the time and Darrell Hammond, playing double duty as Arnold Schwarzenegger via satellite who may have been a bit insensitive but was all for any kind of love. Of course, with this being the opening sketch, it eventually led to the announcement of, "Live from New York..."

  2. Christina Aguilera then officially opened the show with a monolog about how she was excited to host for the first time after being the musical guest twice before. Jimmy Fallon then quickly interrupted asking our host why she was dressed so conservatively when Christina called him out for not liking her look considering the things Jimmy's been known to say about her looks in the past. Jimmy denied this at first but then Aguilera presented a clip from Weekend Update in which Jimmy made fun of her skank appeal from an episode a while back. Meanwhile, Lorne Michaels was backstage wishing our host would do something to "whore up" her current wholesome appearance. When we returned to the stage, Christina wrapped things up with a performance of Beautiful.

  3. This was followed by a parody of Sex And The City where we got to see a fictional final episode where Christina Aguilera as Samantha revealed that she was actually a man.

  4. Do You Know Who My Father Is? was a game show sketch where a bunch of snotty young contestants used the clout of their parents to outdo one another in order to win the grand prize.

  5. TV Funhouse then gave us another installment if Fun With Real Audio where Robert Smigel animated clips of Pat O'Brien who couldn't stop thinking, "What was Britney thinking," and many other pop culture questions along those lines as if the show had made this constant confusion his day to day way to talk.

  6. History Channel's Celebration Of Women was the parody of a History Channel special where Darrell Hammond as Phil Donahue profiled Christina Aguilera as the first woman to stand up to her husband over demanding he was the boss back in the old-timey days.

  7. Maroon 5 then took to the stage to perform This Love.

  8. Once again, Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey gave us the news. This week, Will Forte dropped in as himself to comment on Black History Month because all of the black cast members were unavailable for racially stereotypical reasons.

  9. We then got somewhat of a parody of You Got Served! In this version, Venice Beach weirdos faced off with their rivals in a dance-off.

  10. We then went Backstage At A Christina Aguilera Concert where our host got visits from various cast member playing various celebrities who all loved her performance and encouraged her to be even more of a skank because she had the talent to back it up. Meanwhile, Christina didn't see herself as a skank at all, just someone trying to express herself the way she wants.

  11. Besos Y Lagrimas was a parody of a Spanish soap opera where literally all of the acting was emphasized by overreactions and crazy contortions of faces while both delivering and reacting to each line.

  12. We then got yet another repeat of the Huggies Thong ad that's already aired a few times this season which was a G-string for kids who didn't want embarrassing diaper lines.

  13. You're Fired had Chris Parnell as a boss whose sandwich was stolen following the firing of Will Forte who played the company's belligerent slacker and stole the sandwich for revenge.

  14. Maroon 5 then returned to the stage to perform Harder To Breathe.

  15. Don's Apothecary had Horatio Sanz in the titular role to embarrass his customers who are shopping for very personal care items in his pharmacy/drug store. Once again it turned out that this was an ad for Walgreen's highlighting how bad things were in their competitor's store. 

  16. Finally, Christina Aguilera closed the show by thanking the audience and saying her goodnights.

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