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Though I may have said this in the past, I now believe we’re officially in the era where I started to lose touch with modern cinema as I’m finding more hosts who I’m only familiar with by their names and not their work. At this time, I still had my foot in the water since I’m still aware of a lot of these host’s work because many of their projects are on lists of movies that I’ve been genuinely meaning to see, as opposed to now where I have absolutely no idea was even out in the theater.

I had a funny experience with tonight’s host, Collin Farrell when I sat down to do my pre-SNL viewing legwork. Both his name and his face were very familiar, but I couldn’t for the life of me put a finger on which movies I’d know him from. Keep in mind that I used a stockpile review in order to take a day off, so I just had Collin “F” on my mind since I wasn't fully focused on what I was doing because I’m often on autopilot during this phase.

When I did the search, I thought it was weird how he was in a lot of the same films as another host who was just on. This got me thinking that maybe I was once again off on when I started to lose my enthusiasm towards film and perhaps it was just it was just a case where multiple hosts were promoting the same movie. This would make sense because it’s common for actors to get cast together multiple time after they experience a successful project together.

Then I got to the top of the IMDB page where I saw the profile images and was completely confused because the man in the image looked nothing like the guy from Creed, which was my first thought when I saw my thumbnail screen capture of Colin Farrell. There was a second when thought maybe he had just had an extreme change to his style. Then, I notice I had accidentally looked up Collin Firth who was the Collin “F” from last year who had me confused.

It’s too bad that the confusion went in this direction because at least with Firth, I haven’t seen any of his work, but he has a lot of movies in his CV that I really want to see. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about Farrell. Though I’ve seen Minority Report, Horrible Bosses and The Way Back… I take that back… I was thinking of The Way, Way Back… either way, other than maybe The Lobster, I don’t really have any interest in any of Farrell’s other films.

With that said, I also didn’t much faith in the night after resolving all my confusion. Unfortunately, I wasn’t won over by this one. First off, right out the gate, they were making jokes about how I troops in Kuwait were dangerously low on supplies. Yes, this was a jab at the establishment, but at the same time, it was a bummer now that time has passed and it’s been proven that Iraq was an unjustified war.

If that wasn’t bad enough, what followed was Colin Farrell doing a typical male hot host performance where he seemed like a prop to be gawked at or groped by the cast. With that said, other than the opening sketch and hot host moments, this show was still pretty good because the cast was still fun even though Farrell was a good looking bore. As I said, I haven’t seen much of his other work and wouldn’t be surprised if he could actually act his ass off, I just don’t think that he’s a person cut out for the world of sketch.

Oh well, that’s all that I’ve got for this one and now it that time for me to shift gear and share what I saw as I give you…

The Wicker Breakdown:

  1. This week's show started with parody coverage of a Kuwait Briefing where Darrell Hammond as Donald Rumsfeld jerked the troops in Kuwait around with B.S. politician responses to all of the troops concerned as part while he delivered his briefing. Of course, with this being the opening sketch, it eventually led to the announcement of, “Live from New York…”

  2. Colin Farrell then officially opened the show with a monolog about how he spent over a year and a half in Greece while he was filming Alexander only to hint how that was a waste of time. He then went to say how was happy to be back in New York where he could get back to sleeping with American women. He was then joined by the male members of the cast so that our host could teach these clowns how to pick up on, special guest, Lindsay Lohan considering that they all failed last season when she hosted. Keep in mind, she was only seventeen when she hosted so by this time she was eighteen at most, and Farrell and the cast were all a bunch of grown ass men.

  3. We then got a repeat of the Turlington's Lower Back Tattoo Remover commercial from earlier in the season which was a fake a for an acid that was powerful enough to melt the tramp stamps off of wild teens who now find that they’re middle-aged moms.

  4. Big Roach Problem was reminiscent of the Jasper The Parrot sketch from earlier in the season. Only this time, instead of Fred Armisen playing Rachel Dratch’s gigantic pet bird who scared away her date, Liam Neeson, Horatio Sanz played an enormous cockroach who ruined Colin Farrell’s date, Amy Poehler when he brought her back to his filthy bachelor apartment.

  5. Fred Armisen’s “Ay, dios mio” catchphrase fling comedian then gave us another installment of, Show Biz Grande Explosion! This time he had on Colin Farrell as Bono in order to attempt to get him to lighten his tone by telling a few jokes of his own and then helped to find Bono’s catchphrase.

  6. Airport Security had Amy Poehler as a member of TSA so that she could feel up Colin Farrell and use security as an excuse for her lecherous behavior.

  7. Scissor Sisters then took to the stage to perform Take Your Mama.

  8. Once again, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler gave us the news. This week, special guest/hockey player, Brett Hull dropped in to give his opinions of the hockey lockout before going on to share more views on how he felt about gay marriage now that it was legal in Canada. Amy and Tina then shared their plans to become Lindsay Lohan’s mentors over the Christmas holiday complete with another visit from Lindsay as a special guest. Colin Farrell then wrapped things up by giving a tongue and cheek review of the movie Alexander about Alexander used Greece to beat off the Persian army using more double entendre like that while discussing the war.

  9. We then went to a Key Party where a quintet of weirdo couples hooked up to have a wife swap with one joke being that Colin Farrell, the best looking guy in the room, was married to Horatio Sanz as a woman. The other joke was the fact that these were all strangers, so everyone kept having to introduce themselves and their safe words one after another as an effort to all get on the same page at the same time.

  10. Human Interest Story had Colin Farrell a reporter on the scene who was interviewing Kenan Thompson while he washed window on a super shaky scaffold that started to fall apart while Kenan kept stomping around to show Colin how safe it was.

  11. Pat 'N Patti's Slacks, Snacks, & Knick Knack Shack then returned for another segment where Horatio Sanz and Maya Rudolph pitched more slack, snack and knick-knacks while making fun of the Minnesota accent.

  12. Scissor Sisters then returned to the stage to perform Comfortably Numb.

  13. Merv the Perv then returned after a long time off, where this time the creepy Chris Parnell character and his creepy British cousin, Colin Farrell skeeved all of the women out while at a holiday office party. Though the girls were disgusted by every word said by Merv, Colin’s character was twice as gross, but the women put up with him simply because of his looks.

  14. Finally, Colin Farrell closed the show by thanking the audience and saying his goodnights.

Again, this wasn’t my favorite episode from this year, but I’d still say it was better than half of what I’ve seen of this season so far thanks to sketches like these that contained my three favorite moments of the night. First, I loved Big Roach Problem because it always cracks me up when people play “real animals” whole looking like some kind of mascot. Next, I really liked the Human Interest Story because it had another joke that always cracks me up which is when an old expert will claim something is safe only to almost die while trying to prove said safety. Finally, I was a fan of Colin Farrell’s Alexander segment on the news because, for some reason, the dad joke use of double entendre just hit that spot to get me to laugh even though I’m not generally into cheesy wordplay.


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