The Wicker Breakdown:

  1. This week's show started with Happy Valentine's Day From The Cheney Family where Darrell Hammond and Kristen Wiig plays Dick and Lynne Cheney to read the various Valentine’s Day cards that they received that mainly told the couple off through the use of poems. Of course, with this being the opening sketch, it eventually led to the announcement of, “Live from New York…”

  2. Forest Whitaker then officially opened the show with a monolog about how he was excited to host before working in a plug for The Last King Of Scotland. Maya Rudolph eventually joined the Fast Times star to blow smoke up his ass even though she openly admitted to not seeing any of his new work. This led to a bit of a fun back and forth that ended with the two performing a duet of the song Get Ready.

  3. Bronx Beat With Betty And Jodi then returned with Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph as hosts of a public access show. This time, the two Bronx broads chattered about how cold it was in New York while attempting to interview Forest Whitaker and Kristen Wiig who kept trying to promote a blood drive to help a recent event.

  4. This was followed by another SNL Digital Short called Andy Popping Into Frame where, as the title suggests, we would watch an ordinary short film-style scene play out until Andy Samberg would make it extraordinary by popping in. Towards the end of the short, Will Forte attempted to steal some of Andy’s thunder but doing some photobombing of his own, only to quickly be inspired to stop when Andy pulled out a gun and aimed it at his head before returned to the fun and games.

  5. Singing Waiter had Bill Hader, Amy Poehler, Fred Armisen, and Maya Rudolph all out to dinner where they had to endure endless singing from Forest Whitaker who kept insisting that he sing each entire song, even though the group preferred that he just move on.

  6. We then got a repeat of the Urigro ad from earlier in the season which was pretty much a parody of the Flomax ads for a pill that promised to promote a stronger pee stream.

  7. Man Vs. Beast had Forest Whitaker as Greg Gumbel to call a man vs. animal fight to the death which was being pitched as the latest new hit show from FOX.

  8. Keith Urban then took to the stage to perform Stupid Boy.

  9. Once again, Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers gave us the news. This week, Darrell Hammond and Kenan Thompson returned and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to measure presidential candidate, Barack Obama as to where he landed on the “Blackness Scale.” Jason Sudeikis also dropped in as the scandal-ridden astronaut Bill Oefelein to tell his side of the crazy story about him that was making the news, all the while flirting with Amy Poehler.

  10. Whitney Houston's Valentine’s Day Special had Maya Rudolph as a love-starved Whitney Houston to host this holiday special only to end up too obsessed with thoughts of Bobby Brown to fully focus on the task at hand.

  11. Am I a Crazy Street Person? was a game show hosted by Jason Sudeikis where contestants were supposed to guess whether or not a panelist was a professional business person or a crazy person from the street.

  12. Keith Urban then returned to the stage to perform Once In A Lifetime.

  13. A Message From The State Island Zoo had Kristen Wiig as a Zoo official who showed off an inaccurate video on the rocking lifestyle of the sloth.

  14. Finally, Forest Whitaker closed the show by thanking the audience and saying his goodnights.

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