SNL: S33E07... HOST: AMY ADAMS... DATE: MARCH 8, 2008



Has Anyone Ever Told You

That You Look Like…


… Jaja the tiny Russian hip-hop dancer from So You Think You Can Dance? I bet you thought I was going to say Pam from The Office. If I’m being honest, you’d actually be correct, only when I looked up Jenna Fischer to get her non-character name, I saw an article about how they were both tired of being compared to one another, so I thought I would switch things up. That said, throughout the views, I was very hung up on this look-alike angle because the show started with two sketches about how Amy Adams looked like she could be Kristen Wiig’s twin.

This led me to want to tell the story of how I thought the two were one and the same until just a couple of years ago. Being that both actresses started to find their place in the spotlight around the exact same time I began to lose touch with film television, and pop culture in general, I have minimal knowledge of either actress as individuals in the first place.

Add to that, the fact that you can even look back at my older post and see first hand how even when I was an obsessed fan of the entertainment industry, I’ve always been great when it comes to faces, but horrible when it comes to remembering names. You’ll often read me saying something about a name sounding very familiar, but not being able to place the reason why until actually seeing their face. These two facts combined should make it easy to understand my confusion, especially since the two do really look a lot alike.

So, at some point when a friend, either jokingly, or not knowing themselves, said that Amy Adams was on The Office, that solidified my thinking that the two were one in the same.


Right now, while looking up the movie that led to my discovery that the two were different people, I saw that Amy Adams actually was on The Office, I’m willing to bet to play off their similar look, and I must have heard someone talking about this, looked up Amy Adams to see who they were talking about, wasn’t familiar enough with the show to notice that she played a character named Katy and not Pam, falsy solidifying my confusion in the process.

This is actually hilarious because I always wondered why I was so confused when I learned the truth since I thought I did actually do the research. I actually did learn the difference when I was trying to figure out the movie title 3, 2, 1… Frankie Go Boom that my research actually did clear this one up. Granted neither actress had anything to do with the movie, they were my jump off point.

I thought this was the one where Amy Adams, who I thought was Pam, play a prostitute in a quirky indie film. I looked up The Office on IMDB to search for Pam’s real name because I didn’t even remember my false thought until I saw that her real name was Jenna Fischer. This led me to discover the movie I was thinking about was the non-Dane Cook Employee Of The Month, but also that I’ve had the names wrong for such a long time.

As for the actual episode, it was just like the rest of the year, perfectly fine with the potential to be a lot better since all of the pieces were there. All these shows have been entertaining enough that I’m sure I was defending the show during the time these episodes first aired but watching as someone seeking insights to write about, all I can think about is how much better this season would have been if it was a non-strike year.

Even though the strike has been resolved by this point and everyone was back to work, the quality reminds me of the effort you put into a job where some reason they split your vacation with just a few days of work. You’re not going to give it you’re all in these small windows of needing to be responsible, you’re going to half-ass it until all the breaks are over and then really get to work.

Granted, I’m fully aware time off from a strike is not really a break, but it is a time period where people can get out of practice, then come back ready to hit it hard only to be struck by short-termers disease thanks to the upcoming summer break. I once had a job where I had the weekends an Wednesdays off which meant every day was a Monday, Friday, or day off for me. On Mondays and Thursdays, I’d stole into work taking it easy while I got back into my groove only to instantly flip into Friday mode on Tuesday and Friday know that the next day won’t matter because I’ll have time off.

I lucked into this schedule because, for some reason, it was mandatory to fulfill some contractual needs for the schedule. Everyone knew that based on my schedule alone, I couldn’t be assigned the more demanding task where the research may go beyond more than a couple of days. This is the vibe that I’m getting from this season, keeping in mind, despite my complaints I’d still consider this to be a good one.

Hopefully, this trend will continue because the remaining line up of hosts makes me feel that this could end with a sense of redemption. Oh well, we’ll have to just wait and see. Until then, it’s now time for me to wrap this one up by sharing what I saw, as I give you…

The Wicker Breakdown:

  1. This week's show started with a segment called Clinton Attack Ad that was a parody of Hillary’s attacked ad against Obama that questioned how he would handle a call that came in at three o'clock in the AM. In this parody ad, they showed that Obama would have to call Hillary if he actually was to answer this hypothetical early morning call. Of course, with this being the opening sketch, it eventually led to the announcement of, “Live from New York…”

  2. Amy Adams then officially opened the show with a monolog about how she has really been enjoying the week before inviting Kristen Wiig out to join her on stage because she felt that too looked so similar that they could be sisters if not twins. The two then sang an adorable song about how they loathe one another based on these similar looks since it’s only led to more competition when auditioning for gigs.

  3. Playing off the theme that Amy Adams and Kristen Wiig look so similar, Mirror Image had Kristen Wiig as Amy Adam’s fat twin sister so that the two could try to pull off a scam and attempted to pass themselves off as one student when trying to enroll at a new school.

  4. Couples Therapy had Will Forte as a newlywed to a refugee played by Amy Poehler. The mail-order couple was having marital struggles over the fact that Will wouldn’t fully sign the immigration papers that would help Amy Poehler’s character feel safe in not just the relationship but would ease her mind from getting deported back to where she was trying to escape. Meanwhile, Amy Adam’s as the therapist sided with Will and treated like the issues being experienced due to this scam of a marriage was all Amy Poehler’s fault.

  5. We then got another SNL Digital Short where Andy Samberg played a rich Batman-like superhero who sang about cleaning up the city before getting pummeled by Jason Sudeikis who played a purse-snatching-thief when Andy tried to confront him over his latest crime.

  6. Fierce: The Hot Mess Make-Over Show had Amy Poehler as a Project Runway contestant who now had her own show fashion show where she would makeover hot messes while speaking in an endless stream of catchphrases.

  7. Vampire Weekend then took to the stage to perform A-Punk.

  8. Once again, Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers gave us the news. This week, Will Forte returned as Tim Calhoun to announce that he’s still seeking the Democratic nomination for the Presidential race. Kenan Thompson also stopped by as Jean K. Jean who was a Def-Jam comedian from France their to tell a couple of jokes as a comedy ambassador.

  9. Penelope At Traffic School had Kristen Wiig return as he one-uping character to this time one-up all student at the driving school that the court ordered her to attend.

  10. Dr. Uncle Jimmy's Smokehouse And Outpatient Surgical Facility was a fake as for this half barbecue joint/half medical facility run by Will Forte as Dr. Uncle Jimmy.

  11. Roger Clemens Presents had Jason Sudeikis as the titular baseball player who shared the play that he’d written that demonstrated the results of abolishing steroids from professional baseball, highlighting Clemens’s claims that the whole league benefited by having the players all hopped up on the juice.

  12. The Tookie Styles Show had Kenan Thompson as Tookie who announced that his early ‘80s cable access show was now on DVD and featured some of the clips of political dignitaries dancing to several of Tookie’s hip-hop hits, while also nearly getting assassinated while grooving out on the dance floor.

  13. Vampire Weekend then returned to the stage to perform M79.

  14. Celebrations had Amy Adams, Kristen Wiig, Amy Poehler, and Casey Wilson as a quartet of desperate women who performed a single dance move at varying speeds to different tempo songs, in an effort to impress some of the men who were watching them from the bar.

  15. Finally, Amy Adams closed the show by thanking the audience and saying her goodnights.

Though this show left me wanting more, with the help of sketches like these three that contained my three favorite moments, at least it did leave me just wishing that it was over an hour ago. First, I loved the SNL Digital Short: Superhero Beat-Down During His Rap because it cracked me up how the beating when on and on and on. Next, I really liked Mirror Image, not because of the fat jokes but because I always love jokes about mistaken identities when it clear that polar opposites look the same. Finally, I was a fan of Fierce: The Hot Mess Make-Over Show because I was a fan of the season of the real Project Runway that was the focus of the parody.


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