The Wicker Breakdown:

  1. The show starts with Dan Aykroyd announcing as an old-timey radio host as he introduces Garrett Morris and the Saturday Night Live band who do a fantastic old-timey radio show rendition of a song about how great NBC is. The song ends, and Aykroyd announces, "Live from New York..."

  2. Ed Koch then opens the show with a monolog about how SNL is becoming a New York institute. He also has a certificate to award to Belushi for being such a great New Yorker following the release of Animal House which apparently happened over the summer. First Belushi is upset that he is just getting a certificate instead of a key to the city. He then goes on to rant and rave about the crappy deal he signed for Animal House and how he doesn't get any sort of bonus despite the fact that the movie took off in a way that nobody expected.

  3. This extra-long monolog was followed by a fake ad for Auto Scent which is a car exhaust air deodorizer.

  4. In this week's Tomorrow with Tom Snyder, Tom interviews Mick Jagger, but it's hard to see the parody. It feels like a slightly exaggerated real review allowing Mick Jagger coast through the scene without any heavy lifting.

  5. Gilda and Murray then play their nerdy kid characters who do their childish flirting in the kitchen along with Jane who plays Gilda's mom. They crowbar in a reason for the refrigerator to need repair and another reason to get Jane to leave for a while. This goes on long enough to be a sketch on its own, but then the refrigerator repairman arrives and then it becomes nothing more than a buttcrack joke that goes on for another sketch's worth of time.

  6. This is followed by another Olympia Cafe sketch, but this one broke pattern from the rest. Instead of being nothing more than a Cheese Burger, Cheese Burger bit, it's actually a microcosm of what Belushi was griping about in the opening monolog. In the sketch, his character goes to Greece after being told he had some outlandish inheritance coming to him only to end up with chump change. He too bummed to work so doesn't say a thing, just kicks everyone out of the restaurant. Belushi just stands there with his head down in shame as Gilda sneaks in one last to go order. Aykroyd in on right away with the burger but as always Murray is not getting the Pepsi which causes instincts to kick in within Belushi, and he attacks Murray without changing his emotions.

  7. Once again we have the news, but this time it hosted by Jane and Murray which is a combo that I wasn't aware of. Murray's has a peculiar style his delivery, but is, by no means, mimicking a real deal reporter. It seems like his style confuses and annoys Jane and I'm not sure whether or not she is acting. The two finish the night with a Point-Counterpoint where Murray instantly changes his opinion after hearing Jane's opening stance on the controversial unisex bathrooms.

  8. The Rolling Stones then perform Beast Of Burden, Respectable, and Shattered, all back to back which is another thing that I don't like when the musical guest does because I need more of a break between the music than I need a longer break from the comedy.

  9. This was followed by a short film called Sushi By The Pool which was just that with celebrity cameos in a bit about the California lifestyle where a sushi pool party is ruined by a SoCal earthquake.

  10. Carter then addresses the nation with his progress in his negotiations between John Lennon and Paul McCartney played by Belushi and Murray. Carter goes on to explain the details of the deal which highlight why the group broke up in the first place.

  11. This was followed by a boob-bouncing bit which as a fake ad for Battle Of The Network T and A which is a sketch that so revealing I could have sworn it was from The Kentucky Fried Movie only because I would have sworn it was too dirty for TV even at that time of night. (When thinking of TV standards, not mine.)

  12. Danger Probe investigates a case where a Hare Krishna and a Mime stumble into a South American torture den and ends with the Danger Probe team saving the day before anything interesting could happen.

  13. Finally, Ed Koch thanks the crowd and says his goodnights which makes me wonder why they didn't just have him host the entire episode.

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