SNL: S07E19... HOST: DANNY DEVITO... DATE: MAY 15, 1982

SNL: S07E19... HOST: DANNY DEVITO... DATE: MAY 15, 1982

The Wicker Breakdown:

  1. This week's episode starts with an Andy Kaufman wrestling clip showing his first match with a man named Jerry "The King" Lawler that cuts right when he had Andy in a pretty "dangerous" move which I'm willing to bet that they will revisit later.

  2. This week, we're back to the hybrid huddle followed by Danny DeVito's monolog about that fact that his show, Taxi, had just been canceled by ABC. He then reads a note from his mother who slams the ABC network. He also brings out the entire cast of Taxi to allow them their final bow since the cancellation happened out of the blue.

  3. We then get a parody of Taxi where DeVito's character blows up the ABC building.

  4. This was followed by the next installment of The Whiners where they complain about everything that happens on their plane as they prepare for take-off to start their vacation and DeVito has to put up with all of the noise as he tries to be the best row mate that he can be.

  5. Next, we go to DeVito's office where he calls to his wife to let her know that he just got promoted to be an executive. He then gets a return call from his wife who sounds like she's having an affair. This gets interrupted by Piscopo who drops in to congratulate DeVito who then gets a visit from Eddie Murphy who’s there to deliver drugs. It turns out all of this chaos is nothing more than an Executive Stress Test to see if he's ready for such a corrupt job.

  6. The keyboardist of Sparks gives a dissertation on mice before the band hits the stage to perform Mickey Mouse.

  7. Once again, Brian Doyle-Murray and Christine Ebersole give us the news with Mary Gross out on the field. This week, Sweetchuck the scientist gets a segment to talk about the various strains of rabies, Mary Gross checks in from Central Park where she attempts to interview Annie's dog being that this was the week of the theatrical premiere, and "Lou Grant" give us the weather after his show had just been canceled. (Clip 2) (Clip 3)

  8. We then get another installment of Solomon And Pudge the bar piano player and local old drunk that discuss the news of the day. There's not really a story to this sketch, but I love watching these characters interact. They eventually get a visit from Danny DeVito who joins in on the charming fun.

  9. Next, we go backstage for an "Ozzy" concert where he pitches Enzo Mouthwash to clean out your teeth after biting the heads off of animals.

  10. We then get a repeat of the America Is Turning Gay ad from a couple episodes ago.

  11. Table Talk is a talk show that takes place at a restaurant where Tony Rosato talks about wine and how to pretend to know what you are talking about where you mainly act like an asshole no matter what they give you to create that expert vibe.

  12. Brian Doyle-Murray then interviews Andy Kaufman about the match from the intro that ended his wrestling career, and we get to see how the entire thing played out. Andy also apologizes for all of his antics during his wrestling career.

  13. Looks At Books is another talk show where Mary Gross interviews the author of a book that accused the Beetles of plagiarism claiming that they stole their content from a Nazi vault and shares the parody Nazi-themed albums that show the "original artwork."

  14. Sparks then return to the stage to perform I Predict.

  15. Finally, Danny DeVito closes the show by thanking the audience and saying his goodnights after letting his mother curse out ABC.

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The Wicker Breakdown:

  1. This week's episode starts in the women's restroom where the hooker from the Velvet Jones People's Court sketch has a run-in with Olivia Newton-John and pesters her like a crazy fan, and Olivia attempts to give her advice.

  2. They then announce Olivia Newton-John and the cast as if they are supposed to do the lame huddle, but then she jumps right into singing Let's Get Physical in place of the opening monolog.

  3. We then get a repeat of the TransEastern airline for what seems to be the third or fourth time.

  4. This is followed by the classic sketch with Piscopo as Sinatra and Eddie as Stevie Wonder where the two sing their version of Ebony And Ivory.

  5. We then get another installment of I Married A Monkey where Sweetchuck's monkey wife ran off to join the covenant, and he and their monkey child try to talk her into coming back home.

  6. We then go to Heaven where Hitler tries to sneak in dressed as Mother Teresa just to get a peek at what it's like up there. The sketch then gets a Monty Python interruption accusing SNL of stealing their style of bit, which then sends us into the Twilight Zone.

  7. Not A Record Ad is an ad for something, but it's definitely not a record ad.

  8. Olivia Newton-John then returns to the music stage to perform Make A Move On Me.

  9. Once again, Brian Doyle-Murray and Christine Ebersole give us the news with Mary Gross "Out on assignment." This week, Mary Gross interviews "Arnold Schwarzenegger" about the release of Conan only it turns out to be some random guy. We also get a Monty Python ad for their upcoming movie The Secret Policeman's Other Ball. Sweetchuck gets a segment of Looks At Books where he makes fun of self-help books. Olivia Newton-John gets to do a commentary. Piscopo checks in with sports where he shares crazy sports endorsements. Finally, Eddie Murphy checks in to give his observations about the upcoming prom night and how it's a night where everyone hooks up in a way to scare the fathers out there viewing the show. (Clip 2) (Clip 3) (Clip 4) (Clip 5) (Clip 6)

  10. Michael Davis then takes the stage to perform another comedic juggling act where he juggles ping pong balls with his mouth.

  11. We then go to a business lunch where the guys from the cast talk business while only using jargon and acronyms.

  12. Next, we got a Grease parody showing how Sandy treats the underclassmen after her cool-girl transition.

  13. Sports Organ Classics is a fake ad for a way to bring the ballpark home by selling the music sheet for every generic sports organ song.

  14. We then get a repeat of The Bird parody called The Clams where a town gets attacked by clams.

  15. Finally, Olivia Newton-John closes the season by thanking the audience and saying her goodnights.

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