The Wicker Breakdown:

  1. This week's show we start backstage as the host, Bruce Dern, gets his cue as to when to head on to the stage after his name is announced. He seems a bit nervous as he gets encouragements from the cast. He stops Sweetchuck and compliments him for how great he is on the show only to go on to bash him for being old and funny looking to the point where he becomes a bully.

  2. Once again we get the dumb opening huddle only this week it's a bit of a hybrid because Bruce does a bit of a monolog while the cast hangs out around him.

  3. We then go to Bruce Dern's Apartment where he and Piscopo are preparing to head out for the weekend to ski. Piscopo leaves to get his things, and Dern receives a call from his date who is calling to cancel. Mary Gross then knocks on the door as a neighbor who asks Dern to move his car, and he decides to ask her to come along. She says she's too busy to go but then ends up suggesting he take her crippled dog named Fluffy that suffers from a laundry list of ailments including an iron lung.

  4. This was followed by a man on the street interview segment where they ask passers-by, "Who do you hate?" Where we get a bunch of interesting answers.

  5. Focus On Film is a segment with Eddie Murphy as his film critic character from the news who discusses a recent trip to see a Goldie Hawn movie with his friend but ends up talking more about the movie-going experience without making a single reference to the actual film.

  6. We then revisit The Bizzaro World where everything works the exact opposite from the way things work on Earth. In this world, we get to see a performance by Bizzaro Rodney who brags about how much respect he gets but even in Bizzaro World NBC manages to be run the same horrible way. In the sketch, they make a joke about how bad of an idea it was to take Letterman from his horrible morning show to make him the star of Late Nite.

  7. Luther Vandross then hits the stage to perform Never Too Much.

  8. Once again, Brian Doyle-Murray and Mary Gross gives us the news, and they continue the joke from last week where they are now a flirting couple. This week, we get a traffic report from Christine who is so excited about being in a helicopter that she doesn't get to a single report and Piscopo gives us the sports. (Clip 2)

  9. Schleimer And Laub are a pair of old-timey songwriters who collaborate to put together a few tunes to be sold to vaudeville acts. It eventually evolves into another way to crowbar in more singing from Christine.

  10. We then go to a diner for a segment called The Mild One which is a parody of The Wild One only instead of two wild bikers we meet to bikers that are extremely mild and who feed off their friendly interaction with the customers who have prejudged them. This approach reveals who the real monsters are as everyone else seems to be filled with hate.

  11. Next, we get a short film called Fracas, which is a classic stop-motion film featuring a claymation monster who prank battles with a human as he tries to start his day.

  12. The Unstable Pilot is a sketch about an alcoholic pilot who becomes mentally unbalanced the drunker and drunker he gets and his ability to fly matches the swings of his mood.

  13. Luther Vandross then returns to the stage to perform A House Is Not A Home.

  14. Melina's Cafe is a sketch that I couldn't find anywhere on the internet. Not only couldn't I find a clip, but I also couldn't find a single description, so I have no idea what this actually is.

  15. Finally, Bruce Dern closes the show by thanking the audience and saying his goodnights.

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