The Definitive Wind Down Episode


As I've said in the past, Seeso only offers an abridged version of the seasons passed the original five, due to licensing issues. Because of this, after watching what they have available, I then have to Frankenstein together the rest of my viewings through a couple site on the internet that stream videotaped copies from when they re-aired on Comedy Central. 

Though I hate this extra step and wish I got what I thought I was paying for, it is what it is and I've found a process that works for me to get through an entire show. For the most part, I am able to find everything but I'm starting to find that even some of the Comedy Central feeds are abridge on the episodes that seem rather boring.

It turned out, the above was the case with this episode starring Barry Bostwick because a little less than half the show was missing no matter where I tried to look and the saddest part is, I don't feel that I really missed anything.

I think the fact that I have absolutely no idea who Barry Bostwick is, even after looking at his resume, is the biggest reason I found this show to be so slow because I had zero nostalgia to fuel my want to route for him. He also seemed to be the hunk of the moment, and I'm rarely a fan of the hot guy or girl who isn't all that funny but has a pretty smile that feels like an attempt to grab ratings.

All of that said, this still wasn't a horrible show it just seems to struggle a little from the end of the season lull as everyone approaches vacation. It also really doesn't help that that not seeing the whole thing anywhere left me feeling that others agreed.

Also, keep in mind that I've now been watching this show on a daily basis for 177 days in a row without a real break. 

Oh well, one more show and we are on to the next season and I can't wait to see the next shuffle. Until then, it's time to move on and share what I saw as I give you...

The Wicker Breakdown:

  1. This week's show starts with Mary Gross talking to Barry Bostwick as she fakes interest in his acting technics in a bit of a flirtatious way. Julia Louis-Dreyfus then enters the scene and is jealous of the interaction. This leads to a simulated catfight between the two in SNL's attempt to win over even more male viewers, of course ending with the announcement of, "Live from New York..."

  2. Barry Bostwick then officially opened the show with a monolog about his fear of being pigeon-holed after his recent portrayal of George Washington in a recent miniseries. As he speaks the graphics team keeps overlaying Washington's head over Bostwick so that it looks like the dead president is speaking.

  3. This was followed by a repeat of the Foldger's Crystal ad from a couple weeks about where the pitchman replaces Mary Gross's blood with coffee while she was out cold in the ICU.

  4. We then went to a pre-employment screening sketch where Belushi is hooked to a lie detector to get a job as an interpreter for the FBI and through simple questioning, the employer finds that Belushi had a very crime-ridden past, including that fact that he used to be a Nazi who sells secrets to Hitler clones down in Argentina and he was also involved in the assassination of JFK which actually lands him the job..

  5. Barry Bostwick then plays a frozen greaser who is unthawed after being frozen in the '50s. When the scientists go to dissect him he breaks into singing Waking Up Is Hard To Do. This is one of many sketches from this episode that I couldn't find on the internet so this summary is based on the breakdown I read here.

  6. The Whiners then made their return to the show after winning the 2 On The Town a tour of New York City for being their one millionth guest which sends us outside to see them interact in front of tourist locations all around the town.

  7. We then got a quick interview from Spinal Tap as they are the musical guest for the night so they also got a comedy segment before they performed.

  8. Spinal Tap then took to the stage to perform Christmas With The Devil.

  9. Billy Crystal then returned as his Fernando character as this week's special guest for the news. "Nancy Reagan" also dropped by to share pictures of her and Ronald's trip to China before she reveals that they snuck back a Panda Bear. Fernando and Reagan then ramble on together for what seems to be forever as if it is real life small talk.

  10. This was followed by a parody of The Fly only that start out in a science lab where Robin Duke ends up in a teleportation device and gets her DNA mixed up with a turkey. We then followed her around as her celebrity grows as the Turkey Lady. Once again, this is a sketch that I couldn't find anywhere on the internet so this summary is based on where I read from the link up above.

  11. Future show writer A. Whitney Brown makes his debut to do a bit of a stand-up routine about driving while stoned back at a time when you could joke about that sort of thing.

  12. Following the apparent success of Rick Springfield's singing and acting career at the time, we then got a parody ad for his upcoming role as the lead on the Broadway version of La Cage Aux Folles. This makes sketch number three that I could not find and again the summary is based on my reading from the above link.

  13. Sweetchuck's guru character then returned for another standard but fun installment of Unanswered Questions Of The Universe.

  14. Spinal Tap then returned to the stage to perform Big Bottom.

  15. Dog Day PM was an interview sketch where Belushi plays a dog host interviewing Bostwick, also as a dog, about his film about being raised and mistreated by his human owners and for the fourth time tonight, this is a sketch that I could not find which led me to need to link up above to provide the best summary I could.

  16. Barry Bostwick then closed the show by thanking the audience and saying his goodnights.

Technically, I've only seen a little over half the show but I was still able to come up with these three favorite moments. First, I loved the lie detector sketch, especially how the FBI boss found Belushi to be a despicable person which made him the perfect fit for the government position, though I don't really like how we as a country just laugh off how corrupt our leadership is. Next, I really liked the Whiner's tour of New York because I love when the show interacts with average people on the street. Finally, I was a fan of A. Whitney Brown because I'm a fan of his future work with the show and I also love how the topic of his stand-up would be completely untouchable today but I still found it funny because it's not outdated for being mean.


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