Operation Achieve Anything: Day Three-Hundred-Two, Dateline 10-29-2018

Gather up all your excuses, carry them outside, and bury them deep in the ground. When you’re bored of success dig ‘em back up.
— Seth Simonds

Good morning crickets. Welcome to day number three-hundred-two of Operation Achieve Anything. First off, I’d like to that the cluster of crickets that started to make a little noise following yesterday’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt Saturday Night Live post. Granted I’m only talking about a dozen reaction to this one Tweet, but that’s more social media action that I get in a typical week. The timing couldn’t have been better because this was the first full day that I was official without a job, and I was looking for a sign as to whether to dig in and clean up this blog, in an effort to make it my part-time job, or if I should dig into a serious job hunt. This bit of interaction helped me figure this out.

As I pointed out yesterday when I shared my predicament with the world, in a Daily Breaker post that not even you crickets will read, my final paycheck will allow me to struggle for at least two months, or three if I really tighten my belt. This should be enough time to spellcheck and clean a majority of this blog while I look for work. Worst case scenario, I find a new job, locking me in my last schedule where the paid work burnt me out, making the blog clean up process a project that can easily be moved to the backburner. Best case scenario, I never find work again, and by the first of next year, this site will be the new source of my part-time income while I attempt to figure out how to make even more bucks on my own.

I’m sorry that my main focus at this time is my plans to make money off this blog, but hopefully, it’s a sign of things to come, where I’ll get back to the point where my focus on fun and not my concerns if I’ll be able to turn this into a career. Thankfully, I listen to a lot of podcasts and watch YouTube while I work and have seen many content creators go through this phase after their first taste of content based pay. These people provide hope that I will eventually figure it out since they do all seem to go through this phase.

I’m not talking the creators who just jump into the game expecting to get paid from the start. I’m talking the people who clearly started out to fulfill a passion whether or not they ever got paid, who then earn their first few bucks after a couple of years and then start to dream about doing it for a living, these are the people who inspire me. They are also the same people who I relate to when it comes to this transitional phase where they’re locked into the idea of living full time this way, especially when day to day living does nothing but get in the way.

Hopefully, I’ll get to the point where I’ll just get to create without having to worry where the money for my next meal will come from. My apology for having this focus somewhat fulfills the task of yesterday’s assignment where the Achieve Anything… book wanted me to get into the practice of make amends to my mistakes right away. This is another one that’s a bit tough because I’m so neurotic, that I can end up apologizing for things that aren’t even my fault as a disorder from my chaotic childhood.

As I often point out, I come from a family of alcoholics and enablers where I am a blend of both breeds. Thankful, I inherited the alcoholism from my dad’s side of the family where, for the most part, we just get drunk and silly. My mom’s side on the other had more of an Alpha dad setup where everyone loved sober grandma and grandpa, but after a certain hour, it was time for the enablers to watch their tongues because they’d be to blame for any angry outburst, even when the “troublemakers” had a valid point.

I inherited the same type of “accept all the blame” approach to dealing with problems after my parents’ divorce brought in the era of my stepdad whose drunken outbursts weren’t silly at all and made our house more reminiscent of my grandparents, only my mom never drank a lick of alcohol. This led to a lot of confusion and fights amongst the people who weren’t even part of the problem that we just tried to live with instead of actually solve.

The sad thing is, when it comes to my family, we’ve gotten to the point where we just don’t acknowledge any type of conflict within the house. If anyone has an outburst, which doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s intense, including when the person having the outburst is me, the next day, it’s as if nothing ever happened, and if anyone does bring it up they are silenced right away, even if it’s brought up as an apology. This might be why I’m over apologetic to strangers because I hate how my family runs this way. This is also why I over explain myself to my nephew if I ever get snappy when he’s not listening while we play. This is also why I opt to go silent when talking politics because the aggressive reaction from all sides just for being in the middle is just too big of a battle for me. Plus, I just want to have fun anyways.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for yesterday’s task, let’s now move on to today’s where I’m now supposed to practice the idea from the quote of the day and not all of the excuses that I’ve made over the past couple of days where I avoided putting in any real work. This is another good one that I can’t wait to delve into, but you’ll have to wait for tomorrow to read what I have to say. Until then, it’s now time for me to sign off by saying, good day and good luck to you and all of your projects.

Talk to you soon.


The Wicker Breaker

P.S. Below are links to my novel, which I plan to promote as part of Operation Achieve Anything, as well as a link to where you can buy the book that is providing the structure to this project in case you would like to purchase it in order to play along.