Operation Achieve Anything: Day Three-Hundred-Twenty-Seven, Dateline 11-23-2018

Stop the mindless wishing that things would be different. Rather than wasting time and emotional and spiritual energy in explaining why we don’t have what we want, we can start to pursue other ways to get it.
— Greg Anderson

Good morning crickets. Welcome to day number three-hundred-twenty-seven of Operation Achieve Anything. I’m still up from last night, so I’m going to make this quick just in case I end up sleeping through my deadline. Yesterday’s assignment was to not watch TV or do anything having to do with technology. The synchronicity was amazing because I’ve been actively putting in an effort to free my time to do nothing but watch TV. I proudly failed that assignment which I’ll get into tomorrow when I delve into the amazingly timed quote of the day. I look forward to sharing my next update. Until then, it’s that time for me to sign off by saying, good day and good luck to you and all of your projects.

Talk to you soon.


The Wicker Breaker

P.S. Below are links to my novel, which I plan to promote as part of Operation Achieve Anything, as well as a link to where you can buy the book that is providing the structure to this project in case you would like to purchase it in order to play along.

Matt Bunker

I started out with a goal of becoming a paid screenwriter. I had no interest in any other aspect of filmmaking. I received and scholarship to The Vancouver Film School's Writing for Film and Television program where I graduated in 2005. I fell in love with being on set during my first non-school produced short, . I loved being around all the creative people, seeing people having fun while working. The whole liking your job was a new world to me, so I decided to give it a shot. I volunteered for any project I could, doing what ever was needed. The set was my Film School this time. While working as a PA on a feature I was informed that the DP wanted the three tallest PAs to help out in the grip and electric department. That is when I found the department that felt like the best fit for me while I continued to write.