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On the one hand, you have a wonderfully caring, magnetic personality that draw people in close. On the other hand, you come across as standoffish, even reclusive. While both personalities are, in fact, who you are, at any one moment which side you show to the world depends on who you are with and the circumstances you are in.
— Rosemary Breen

Good Morning  Crickets!!! It’s time for another random post as I continue to plug away at stabilizing my personal life before returning to giving my all to this here blog. Yesterday, I was complaining about how I’ve lost a bit of my focus and how I struggling to feel creatively inspired since coming down from my New Year’s Astronaut Experiment that I’ve been trying to share. I’m now beginning to think that the right side of my brain is taking a bit of a nap since I’ve been pushing it so hard to create over the past twenty-something years.

This is becoming my theory since my inner voice of logic that is usually filtered through my right-side mind now seems to have way more control than it used to. I feel like my right-side mind is a mute that only knows how to communicate through creative metaphors that my left-side mind struggles to interpret to words. This is why I get so frustrated with myself for not being able to accurately translate my own thought. This is why I always joke that I am dumb because of the crossed communication that’s constantly going on within my own head.

Over the past couple of weeks, my inner voice has been becoming more and more singular, and that voice comes from the left. I think what confused me is that my right-side mind uses resources other than words to communicate I mistook its input as a distraction and not the primary source behind everything that I find to be any fun. My left-side mind was just responsible for sharing these right-brain insights with the world more like a marketer which is probably why I’ve always felt a disconnect between my inner and outer self.

Lately, I’ve noticed that as my right side mind grow silent, I can’t see as well out of my right eye. Not that I feel like I’m going blind, but I definitely feel that I’m growing to be a left-side mind dominate thinker. Or maybe I’m just finding balance since my right-brain doesn’t feel completely dead. This feels like a healthy change. Perhaps the meeting in the middle of brain hemisphere activity is what’s actually required to mature.

The timing of this is fascinating. Before opting to take a break from the blog to try out my New Year’s Astronaut Experiment, the plan was to start three new challenges this year. One would have taken over for Operation Achieve Anything, where I was/am eventually going to work through a book called 365 Journal Writing Ideas to get back to being creative since all of my past challenges have been grounded in non-fiction-based tasks.

Challenge two was/is eventually going to take place on a second website that I’m building to document my efforts to become my own boss. For this challenge, I’m going to work through a book called 365 Days Of Marketing since I’ve yet to actively market any of my efforts throughout my entire life. I was always just hoping to stumble into some sort of success. This passive approach led me to brace myself for a mediocre life because there’s no getting big without a business guided mind, which I never wished to have.

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This challenge was meant to exercise both hemispheres of my mind since I’ve been thinking for years that my centralist views have something to do with my Leap Year/Piscean mind seeing the duality in everything that makes up this universe. I just put more weight on the creative side to my thinking since I linked the logical side to business, and to me, personally, business-minded people never seemed genuine since they are able to change their worldview on a dime in order to earn a nickel.

These two challenges were/are going to be my effort to find a balance between the two sides of my mind to pull off the goals that I hope to accomplish. In order to gauge my progress in finding this balance, I’m going to start challenge number three right now. This challenge is called Operation Fish Merger. For this challenge, I’m using a book called Your Horoscope 2019. The book breaks down/predicts how the year will play out for us Pisces with summaries for each month. The plan is to start each month by checking how it played out versus how it was presented in the book.

In the future, I plan to do this on the first of each month, so sorry for the late start. With that, here is my first Operation Fish Merger entry. According to the book, this is a year of fresh starts since Uranus is on the move. There’s been a lot of upheaval in areas of my life that deal with prosperity due to the movement of Uranus (yes, it is hard not to write your anus, I’m still in the maturing process.) Anyways, the book says that I’ve learned to in a world dazzled by greed, I’ve come to understand how to use money and property to pursue my dreams, and not just to hoard resources.

Keep in mind I have yet to read anything from this book, and the above paragraph is still the introduction that gives a quick summary of the entire year and not a break down of January’s reading. Already, two paragraphs in, it’s pretty impressive, considering that I’ve been living off next to nothing for the past four years to train myself to live off very little for the next phase of my life. Since I plan to devote the rest of my life to my writing, I’ve been preparing myself to live a much simpler life in order to keep control of my time without being a slave to a paycheck.

Paragraph three of the intro predicts significant changes come March when the planning phase should be done, and I should start seeing the benefits of my efforts to find balance, where anything that is no longer right for me will be cast aside. For some reason, the book makes this sound like a time of chaos, but for me, both the book’s description and the evidence that I’m starting to see in my real life seems like more of a calming period to me.

Maybe this is because I’ve been actively working towards this for a while, unlike other Pisces where these changes might seem more like they’re coming from out of the blue. Who knows? I don’t fully believe in astrology, but I like what I’m seeing so far, so I’m fine with believing as a form of motivation, at least when the readings are good.

The book then claimed that I got a taste of what’s to come back in May. Good thing’s I’ve documented every day of my life going back over five years because after a quick search I learned that May was when I landed my last day job. For the first time, since moving home after my midlife meltdown, I had a gig that paid well enough that I had more money to play. This was also the time that I started to feel at peace, thinking my mental disorders may be due to the fact that I may be on the spectrum, highly function and not the bipolar mess who doesn’t do well with pills.

Whether or not this is true, between the job and the new outlook on my mental health, it opened up my world when it comes to my options. Granted, it took until about Thanksgiving, when my contract ran out for me to fully see the benefits but, I’d consider this a direct hit as far as the book’s suggestion that May was a good month for me. Direct hit number two quickly followed.

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Keep in mind, I’m writing these insights as soon as they come to me, setting down the book as I jot what I’m thinking down. The very next thing that I read after writing how I lost my job around Thanksgiving was how in November there was a bit of a hiccup. Though November was great for me because it’s when I feel like I found my true writer’s voice, I also lost my income, making my employment-based stress to return. The book then said that January and February would be good, and so far I’d agree once again, considering I genuinely believe that January was the best month that I’ve ever had in my life.

To make things even crazier, the book also says that if I wasn’t careful, I could go a bit overboard in January, which, considering I genuinely felt like an astronaut at one point, I would say this is another section that turned out to be spot on. The book then went on to summarize the rest of the year to come, but that has yet to happen, so I don’t have all that much to say. That is until the last paragraph said that my birth month, February, was going to be one where I’m supposed to settle and plan, without making any significant moves. Note that I’ve haven’t been all that active this month because this was already my plan.

One more time, I’m not a horoscope guy, and I’m reacting as I read, so this introduction was a bit nucking futs to see. The actual chapter on what to expect from January was pretty much already covered in the intro only it went more into details about what planet is heading where and what space entity is eclipsing the other to influence all of these magic.

In the process, the book also managed to nail two more accurate insights. One, being, right out the gate, there would be a change to where my outer self would more accurately reflect the real me. Thanks to may New Year’s Astronaut Experiment that actually started on New Year’s Eve, by the time New Year’s Day hit, I already felt like a brand new person. I finally broke free from the from being the grumpy Gus that I’ve been for four years as a shut-in. It also talked more about inner balance, which I feel relates to the balance I now feel between the two hemispheres of my brain.

I have no idea what all this means at this time, but I’m now super excited about this experiment, and can’t wait for March first to find out how accurate the book turns out to be about February. Remember, I will not read the February chapter until it is time to write about it. As the book’s introduction said, I’m supposed to do more planning and observing until the end of this month, so I may or may not post anything tomorrow. Either way, I will be posting again sometime really soon. Until then, it’s now that time for me to sign off as usual by saying, good day and good luck to you and all of your projects.

Talk to you soon.


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