The Daily Breaker: Dateline 2-6-2019

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The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.
— Mark Twain

Good morning Crickets!!! It’s day number three following my return to blogging after taking the month of January off. Though I still feel like I’m just warming up and not fully back in my groove, I also feel like I now have a much healthier relationship with painting with words. Not only do I feel more confident in the content I write for this blog, but now I’m much more comfortable when it comes to communication in general. I’m back to joking like the good old days. Yeah, I’ve toned down on my crass approach to humor, so it’s not that I’m back to being the me from my past, but it definitely seems like I’ve found a new comfort zone where I’m interacting with others and having fun.

Right now, I’m continuing my tale about the month of January, which, if you’re not playing along, was the first planned vacation from this site since I started it six years ago. Yesterday, I left the story off on Christmas morning, where I felt hopeful toward my writing future but was still a bit unsure about the direction I was heading in my personal life. During the middle of the night on Christmas Eve, I deleted anything political or ranty from both my Twitter and Facebook pages while unfullowing anyone who had any form of an aggressive stance on any issue, whether or not I agreed.

I found that by the morning, I was back to enjoying interacting with the pleasant people in my virtual life that made the cut. By the time I woke up on Christmas day, thanks to the newly toned down communication device that lives in my pocket, I started to notice that I not only felt that I was growing as a writer, but was growing as a human, in general, as well. It was probably the best Christmas that I’ve had in a while. Even though I still felt like an outsider, not fitting into the all-girls’ club made up of my sisters and my mom, I didn’t take it as personal this year as opposed to most years where the holidays made me sad since I always felt like a fifth wheel, even amongst the ones that I love.

When I got home and back to my computer, I hit the ground running. I worked as hard as I could to clean up this site to get it as presentable as it could be to implement the three new challenges that I had planned to start on the first of the year. Keep in mind, I was already busting my ass to get things ready ever since Thanksgiving when this new outlook on life really started. I wanted everything to be as close to perfect as possible since 2019 was going to be the year that I planned to officially start marketing my work, and not just passively wait to be discovered.

I figured since I had about four to five months left to the My Saturday Night Life challenge, I’d be getting a boost of attention when I got caught up to the present day episodes of SNL. I wanted every page to be consistent as far as the layout goes, minus as many typos as I could catch and affiliate ads scattered about for visitors to click. Being that I’ve made multiple blog posts daily for the past six years, I had a lot of content to rework. By the time New Year’s Eve hit, I already felt overworked.

Meanwhile, I was looking to start a fourteen-year plan when I woke in the morning that had no scheduled breaks anytime soon. On New Year’s Eve Eve, I managed to watch an extra episode of SNL so I could simply post the review in the morning before sharing the fact that I successfully accomplished Operation Achieve Anything where I worked my way through an assignment a day self-help book as a special edition of The Daily Breaker.

I managed to get all of my obligations done by noon. Since New Year’s Day was going to be a busy one, I didn’t have any booze, but I did have a lot of pot since my dispensary had a great end of the year deal. Usually, I only smoke at night to help me sleep since I’m generally too busy while the sun is up to pull off working while I’m buzzed. Being that I was done for the day, and I had no plans to leave my room, it was game on.

By game on, I mean I sank into the couch to watch funny millennials playing video games on YouTube, which is a new favorite past time because it takes me back to the days when I had roommates, and I used to joke with them while they played their games. I stopped gaming once the controllers added more than the A and B buttons, but I still got a kick out of watching others. This is why these videos work as sort of a surrogate for these long lost friends.

Between the mid-afternoon buzz, the nostalgia, and hope for the future, I was very comfortable with where I was as well as my future plans. What happened next really caught me off guard, but I think I’m going to hold off on delving any deeper until I check in tomorrow to continue this tale of how I spent the best January of my entire life. I look forward to sharing more, but for now, it’s time for me to sign off as usual by saying, good day and good luck to you and all of your projects.

Talk to you soon.


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