#353: Buy a chemistry set and see what happens.

Date: 12-19-2014

Due Date: 12-19-2015

The Resolution: I've always been a fan of the theories and philosophy of science. I read books and watch documentaries about scientists but when it comes to actual physical science I don't know all that much.

I took basic science in high school but didn't pay that much attention. The only thing I faintly remember is a teacher once put raisins in Mountain Dew and told us the raisins were some form of sewage treatment thing and that the Mountain Dew was supposed to be urine. 

The raisins appeared to swim up and down as if they were alive and the teacher finished the lesson off by drinking the concoction.

To this day I have no idea what I was supposed to have learned there but I will always remember the showmanship.

I also remember dissecting owl vomit to find mouse bones.

I think it's time for me to stop just yelling SCIENCE and start learning what it actually is. 

Matt Bunker

I started out with a goal of becoming a paid screenwriter. I had no interest in any other aspect of filmmaking. I received and scholarship to The Vancouver Film School's Writing for Film and Television program where I graduated in 2005. I fell in love with being on set during my first non-school produced short, . I loved being around all the creative people, seeing people having fun while working. The whole liking your job was a new world to me, so I decided to give it a shot. I volunteered for any project I could, doing what ever was needed. The set was my Film School this time. While working as a PA on a feature I was informed that the DP wanted the three tallest PAs to help out in the grip and electric department. That is when I found the department that felt like the best fit for me while I continued to write.