Result #22: I was going to send this failure to redemption but now hope someone who's actually interested in Hipster Culture likes the idea and runs with it.

#22 Create a timeline of the hipster movement via memes.

Date: 1-22-2014

Due date: 1-22-2015

Resolutions: I watch a lot of documentaries no matter what the topic. The other night I was watching The Revisionaries "This documentary looks at a pitched cultural conflict over school textbook standards in Texas, as determined by the state's Board of Education. For many, the creationist views of the board's chairman run counter to the findings of modern science." Somehow that triggered the above joke so I decided to make a meme about it.

I'm more of a evolution person so as I figure I would use this as an opportunity to track down the evolution of the hipster. Granted they weren't always known as hipsters and the name will change again but for the sake of this experiment with your help, I would like to create a time line made up of memes depicting hipsters throughout history.

How you can help: Submit links to your meme in the comment sections either here or on the Facebook page or send a Tweet, along with the year or era that you are representing along with any other information fact or fiction that you would like to add about the hipsters of that time period.

Click here to create your own meme.

Update #1: The Hipster Time Line.

Date: 1- 23-2015

Okay I've finally started to make progress here. This is a topic I can research while making my meals and waiting to start other projects. I've got some information for 2013 hipsters, but I'm not all that interested in the current trend. I'm interested how we got here. I think I'm going to have to save this information to share all at once being that I don't think the hipster will have interest in a slow roll out. You may not see progress on this until the due date, but trust me I'll be working on it.

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2014 AD (Sample to be replace with reader submission)

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Update #2: The Conclusion.

Date: 1-22-2015

I had very ambitious plans for this resolution. I was going to reverse engineer Hipster Culture back to the beginning of time. I was really going to break down every influence in tastes and style that created this group to then build this time line of memes to share my findings.

Then as I sat down to start the research process I realized that as interesting as the project may be, I'm not the right person for the job. It turns out I'm just not interested in the subject.

That's not to say that I hate Hipsters. That's not to say that I like them. I just don't care enough to put the work into this one.

If anyone out there does have the energy and likes the idea, feel free to run with it.