Result #292: It's been a year and I have failed to find my flavor.

#292: Develop a signature chip seasoning to potentially enter into a future chip flavoring contest.

Date: 10-19-2014

Due Date: 10-19-2015

The Resolution: It seems that consumer flavoring chip contests are the way of the snack food's future. I like to think of myself as an outside of the box idea man. Today when I saw that Doritos is now making a Spicy Street Taco flavored chip, I knew at that moment I need to get in on this chip flavoring racket.

Why stop at the Street Taco? Why not have a chip that tastes like a Tijuana bacon water dog? How about a duck flavored Cheetos, shoved into a chicken flavored Bugle, the stuffed into a turkey flavored Combo? Or falafel flavored chips?  

I don't know what the answer is, but I'm going to get to work on my recipe to someday enter into a chip flavoring contest once I feel it's just right.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 10-19-2015

I can't fully blame finances for my failure to create a signature chip flavor. Part of the problem is that I can't afford all the seasoning needed to experiment with flavors, the other part is that I don't really have a strong sense of taste. This makes deconstructing flavors that I can barely taste in the first place a tad bit difficult.

There is one more ingredient to this failure and that ingredient is wind. Yes wind. I've lost of a lot of the wind that I had pushing me through the first three quarters of this whole resolution experiment. There are many life changes that I've made in the past year that have led to this lack of drive that I once had. I'm working through these issues and hope to be back to my A game in the near future.

Hopefully I'll get there soon. If/when I do return to my old self or a new and improved me, I will redeem all my failures including this failed effort to flavor a chip and as always I'll keep you posted on my progress.