Result #325: As weird as this failed resolution was I think I was dead serious when I set it.

#325: Attempt to ride out a salvia trip while planking.


Date: 11-21-2014

Due Date: 11-21-2015

The Resolution: Due to Resolution #266 I've gotten pretty good at planking. I had to restart the one month challenge to get to point where I can plank for five minutes straight. I have an entire year to complete the challenge, so I'm not all that worried about failure.

About a month ago I tried salvia for the first time. It was an amazing experience that I feel has helped my dealing with depression. I was not only amazed by how fast it takes for the salvia trip to kick in but also how intense and quick the ride is. I'd say from start to finish you only feel the effects for about five minutes.

Five minutes...

My planking goal.

I think we have a "you put your chocolate in my peanut butter" situation going on here.

At some point within the year I am going to mix fitness and pleasure as I attempt to ride out a salvia trip while planking.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 11-21-2015

Boy I was going through a weird phase when I set this one. I think I was coming down from the peak of insanity and to this day I think salvia actually did help. I've heard for years how hallucinogens can help one cope with depression and was desperate to give it a shot.

I tried mushrooms in the past with mixed results. The problem was I took shrooms purely as a recreational drug so there many outside factors as to how the trip would go. The few times I took mushrooms alone I felt very amused and peaceful. This is why I believed in the benefits of being in altered states of mind.

I couldn't find shrooms but I did find a site that sold salvia online. As I said, I was feeling at the peak of insanity and was desperate just to get out of my own head so I ordered a packet.

It's hard to explain what happened when I did try this drug that was new to me. I was amazed by how quick and intense the high was. The radio felt like it was literally talking to me. I turned it off only to find that the TV was also literally talking to me. I felt like I may have broke the straw and was now full blown insane.

Then I remembered, "I'm on drugs, this is supposed to happen." After that I felt comforted that I'm nowhere near that insane when not on hallucinogens. I have a few crazy thoughts but these thoughts are more byproducts of obsessively thinking of weird story ideas. With the fear gone I just sat back and enjoyed the ride.

Once I relaxed I felt at one with the world, as if I was actually part of it, kind of plant like and not quite tapped into but aware of what felt like the collective conscious. It was probably the closest to a spiritual experience that I've ever had.

I'm not fully sure why I felt the need to add planking to this moving moment but it must have made sense to me at the time. I'm also not fully sure if I'm actually going to try to redeem this one but I will let you know if I do.