Result #331: Not only did I successfully make it through Duets last year, I did it again this year as well!!!

#331: Make it all the way through the movie Duets without blacking out.


Date: 11-27-2014

Due Date: 11-27-2015

The Resolution: Thanksgiving is the only holiday that I have my own tradition for. It started about 13 years ago when all my roommates went home to be with their families. My family was far away in San Diego and I tend to save my annual trip home for some time in the Christmas season. Though I received invites to join friends and their families, I preferred to be alone.

I had no plans but to cook a turkey drumstick and drink some whiskey.

We had dial-up at the time, so fun time on the internet never lasted all that long. I pretty much only used the web for email, The Brunching Shuttlecocks and Zooass. It took about a half hour to get fed up with page loading time so I had to resort to movies to kill time.

I'd seen Duets in the theater as a midnight screening for the employees. I found the movie to be so bad that it was good and decided I must own it on DVD. For some reason, in my drunken state I decided this would be the day that I break the seal and watch the movie for a second time.

I woke up the next morning to the menu sequence repeating over and over again on it’s  annoying loop. I barely remembered starting the DVD let alone watching the movie. I found the pieces to the drunken puzzle to be so beautifully convoluted that I had to make it an annual tradition.

I've blacked out while watching Duets every Thanksgiving since.

I've only made it all the way through the movie two maybe three times and am always amazed that I actually like the movie.

This year I'm going to attempt to pace myself to make it all the way through again.

Update #1: It begins. 

Date: 11-27-2014

I'll be back with an update as to whether or not I'm blacked out.

Update #2: The Conclusion.

Date: 11-27-2015


I could have sworn that I posted my story of success last year when I made it through the movie. I must have just assumed that I would keep the tradition alive and drink and watch Duets again this year.


Both years were a success and here we are today.