Result #344: I failed to learn the moves of the tap dancing bunny.

#344: Learn the actual moves to Bugs Bunny's tap dance routine.


Date: 12-10-2014

Due Date: 12-10-2015

The Resolution: I totally forgot that I used to this, but ever since I was a kid, up until I turned about 23, I used to break into my rendition of Bugs Bunny's tap routine during awkward silences.

I think there was a while during this time period where I really thought I could figure the art of tap dance even though all I ever did was rock my hands back and forth while shuffling my feet like a moron.

By this time next year I will have bought a pair of tap shoes and will take a lesson to legitimately perform the Bug's Bunny dance.

Who knows?

Maybe I'll like tap dancing and learn a few more steps.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 12-10-2015


At first I wasn't all that disappointed by this failure but then I found the animated gif above and remember how much I love the Bug Bunny tap dance which is why I set this resolution to begin with.

Once I can afford some tap shoes and have the time to track down the actual moves I will teach myself this dance and share my results. I really look forward to being able to focus on these challenges in the Bucket List Redemption stage of this experiment.