Result #337: I successfully bought the book and failed to put it in action but I do have a plan...

#337: Even though it will cost me $3.00 to buy the book, I will take on the 50c Challenge.


Date: 12-3-2014

Due Date: 12-3-2015

The Resolution:

I discovered the book 50c Challenge while hunting down today's resolution. I didn't really look into what’s involved in the challenge other than the subtitle "You Don't Need Money to Make Money."

I take it this is a get rich quick challenge but I don't want to investigate further because that would ruin the surprise of what it will take to complete this book.

I already pointed out in the title the irony that a book that teaches you to get rich off of 50c cost $3.00, so this will technically be a $3.50 Challenge.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 12-3-2015

When I set this resolution to try The 50c Challenge I had no idea what said challenge was. I just bought the book in hopes to figure it out. I now own the book on my Kindle and am still not fully sure how this challenge is supposed to work.

That's not to say anything about the challenge or the book itself. When I started to read it and saw that this is a bit of a group challenge I decided to put it on hold because I wasn't sure where I stood amongst my friends and didn't feel like pushing this as a group experiment.

I still don't have a group of people that I would be comfortable enough asking to participate in what could be seen as a money making scheme but I do have an idea that I might want to try in the near future.

Once I do put my plan in action I will keep you posted on the progress.